Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Saying "I love Thanksgiving" is like saying "I like to eat."
Both are true for me.
What is it about stuffing yourself until you are sick that is so much fun?
I don't know, but I love this time of year we have to get together with our extended family & talk about the things we are grateful for.
It is a time to reflect & I appreciate it.
I feel like sometimes I get in the whirls & goings of daily life that I forget to pause & be grateful for the little things.
Right now I feel like my gratitude is overflowing.
I have had such a great year.
I feel so blessed for the opportunities & struggles 2010 has brought to me.
This year, my Mom made a gratitude board for us to write any & every thing we are grateful for.
It helped me reflect on the everyday things for which I am most grateful.
Everything thing from Cafe Rio, to BYU, to music, to people against Qubo, to the gospel were listed.
Mostly though, I just kept going back to how grateful I am for my wonderful family.
The more I am around them, the more I realize how truly selfless my parents are & how much they love me & my siblings.
I am really so blessed.

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