Saturday, November 13, 2010

T-11 Days

There are officially 11 days until the day where gratitude hits a peak of abundance & people are surrounded by family & friends eating themselves sick.
I have some awesome friends who planned a Thanksgiving dinner last night to get everyone excited for the big day.
We had everything. From a turkey, to stuffing, potatoes & gravy, rolls, & pies (both yummy & some better forgotten.)
I was having such a good time I forgot to take pictures. (looks like I am not quite my mom yet, after all she never forgets!)
While we dined on yummy food, I was in charge of the game. We played the thankful ABC game. I had everyone in the circle say one thing they were grateful for starting with whatever letter of the alphabet we were on. (some things mentioned were: Dessert, Jesus, Men, Organs, Quidditch, Womenhood, X-Boyfriends.)
It's like I always say: You can't go wrong with good food, a thankful game, & some quality conversation.

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