Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Sweetest Maiden in all the Land-Shelley Whitaker

Remember Aubrie Tilley? Well it is thanks to her that I have met one of my favorite people at Snow College, Shelley Whitaker. She is not only the sweetest, but the funniest. She spends a small portion of her time clipping funny headlines out of newspapers and pasting them on her fridge. She feeds the stray cats that roam Park Place, and makes some of the best treats your mouth buds have ever partied with. Shelley is also a huge supporter of this blog, she has informed of the fact that her two saved tabs are Facebook and 365. That is an honor. Let's begin now:
1. Color?
Shelley: Emerald Green, like not a ruby, but green.
2. Vegetable:
Shelley: Vegetables, who eats those? I don’t.
3. Favorite Law to break:
Shelley: Speeding. I’m a real dare devil when it comes to the roads.
4. Celebrity you would most like to meet?
Shelley: Brad Pitt
5. Favorite food?
Shelley: Chinese. Snow Dragon has become a quick favorite. Must have it every week.
6. Flower?
Shelley: These are hard questions! Not what I was expecting... What are the red ones? Poppies. Red ones. It was a brain fart. (Hangs head in shame..)
7. Most memorable childhood memory?
Shelley: Pass until later. Oh no. Look at those fingers typing. Trip to Mexico of ‘99. Peed my pants in the expedition.
8. Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved or no eyelashes?
Shelley: One eyebrow shaved. Why? Because those are everything. I put mascara on those everyday and they look good! If I didn’t have those.. Uh.
9. Favorite Harry Potter character?
Shelley: Oh!!! That is such a good one. Dumbledore or Ron Weasley. Ron Weasley. He does it for me. I love Ron Weasley.
10. Biggest accomplishment?
Shelley: Graduating High School, man.......
11. Favorite Treat to bake?
Shelley: OH, Red Velvet Cupcakes. They are just so good. Aubrie, Aren’t they so good? (Aubrie replies: Darn tootin)
12. If you could invite any person to dinner from the past, or present, who would you choose?
Shelley: Brad Pitt. I would make him try my cupcakes and I know he would just love me forever. Sorry Angelina.
13 Would you rather live a day in the past or a day in the future?
Shelley: Past for sure. Somewhere in the 1900's where I get to wear one of those cute frilly dresses and a cowboy saves me from gun battle.
14. Favorite outdoor activity?
Shelley: Anything with sports. Or just driving around in my car. Stalking People.
15. Favorite Quote:
Shelley: That’s what she said. -Michael Scott.
16. What reality or game show would you most like to be on?
Shelley: MXC. Most Extreme Chinese. That’s what I call it. It’s on spike.
17. What is the nicest thing that someone else has done for you?
Shelley: Can we pass on this one until later too?
18. What song would you say describes your life?
Shelley: OH These are just so tricky! Pass. Right now, “You could be Happy” by Snow Patrol. It has a lot of meaning.
19. If you could witness any event from history, what would you choose?
Shelley: (Sort of glaring with beady eyes) Oh Boy. Can I say a pass on this one too? I would have to say, Horses being invented or created on the 3rd day or whatever day it was. See Bible for references and exact days.
20. Worst sickness?
Shelley: Christmas of 2009. It was an epidemic. All in the family. No one could sleep. No one could keep anything down. (Uncontrollable self induced laughter.. Truly uncontrollable.)
21. Favorite Vacation?
Shelley: Summer of 2010. It was the best of times, in the 4 winns. Which is a motor home. All of us sleep in there. We were bouncing around, until the tires blew.
22. What is your favorite Movie?
Shelley: Harry Potter 1-7 Part one.
23. Favorite thing about Snow College?
Shelley: my roommates. M 71. It is so fun here. They are the joy of my life.
24. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Shelley: several options. A librarian. School Teacher. Perhaps a 4th grade teacher like Nicole my roommate.
25. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
Shelley: That when I am really smiling– I am really cursing them inside.
26. What has been the hardest thing about being a college freshman?
Shelley: Having to wake up early and go to my classes which I find mostly boring.
Final Words?
Shelley: May your Holidays be bright. What do people say on these things? Seriously that’s gay.  I need a filter on these things. OH my gosh you are not typing this. (Regretable laughter as she slumps onto the cold ground.) Glaring as she says, “Fine. In the words of Aubrie Tilley, “I’d get Sleezy for Ron Weasley.”
Isn't she just the funniest? Let me just say, you know at interview is going to be good when you walk in & the prospective interviewee is wearing her SnuggieTM along with her apron draped and tied on top. Being the domestic homemaker she is she made me cookies & even hid the dishes in the sink with a clean towel. Along with many pictures taken during this interview, Shelley, Mandalee & Aubrie reside in M-71 better known as the North Pole from the Decor. How appropriate.
In short, Shelley, I just love you.