Friday, November 19, 2010

Stop the presses... would seem I have found the start of an unhealthy addiction.
Before you start judging me, let me just say: for my whole life I have hated Guitar Hero.
My hate was primarily driven by the fact that I was bad at it.
You know those people that you like to play video games against because they are worse than you so you always win?
I wasn't one of those people.
I was so bad at guitar hero that people easily won against me. 
And what fun is no challenge?
Recently however, I have taken it up.
In fact as I said earlier, I am slightly addicted.
I am taking it so seriously that I play until my fingers bleed & my elbow threatens to buckle & break.
A monumental event occurred the other night.
Not only did I beat the queen of guitar hero herself Jacee, I got 100% on everything while playing my favorite song: My name is Jonas by the recently regrouped band Weezer.
That's right, I hit every single note; both long & short. Staccato & legato. 
Sure Jacee plays on expert & I play on medium, but any improvement is an improvement.
Positive thinking=positive results.
Guitar Hero went ahead & reaffirmed that for me.

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