Saturday, November 27, 2010


In the Palmer family, (& maybe in your family too) we get to pick out a Christmas ornament that is our very own to be put on the trees downstairs.
I like to drive my mother crazy by finding & insisting she buy me the ugliest ornament I can get my hands on.
I ended up with the one that I love on the left.
What a cutie.
Can't wait until one day when I am all grown up & can have a small tree somewhere in my home which will sport only the ugliest ornaments I can find.
That will be one sweet victory.

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  1. when i was little and made cute things in school (as well as my brothers and sisters) she used to always put our stuff where no one can see them and her bought/ good homemade stuff in the front. finally we got old enough and learned. we were angry. we now put the ornaments on and bug her every year about it.