Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holler at This Girl: Meet Heather Farr

There are few people in this whole world that I love more than Heather Farr. This girl is one of the happiest people I have ever encountered. Everyday I consider myself so lucky to be numbered among her friends.
1. Favorite Color?
Heather: purple
2. Me: Type of toothpaste?
Heather: The blue kind. Colgate. I am not sure what it is exactly called. Little mint strips you know. Hey, do you do a background check during these things? Like a urine sample?
3. Me: Restaurant?
Heather: I would probably say Pizza Factory. I love it. Actually I would have said Little Ceasers but that’s sort of an informal place.
4. Me: Describe your ideal day.
Heather: My ideal day. I would wake up at 8:17. I would help myself to a big bowl, a HUGE bowl of cereal, with a big spoon to match. Not generic Dino Bites, Fruity pebbles. After that bowl I would just get ready for the day, doing the make-up the hair while listening to the Miranda Lambert station on pandora. Next thing I know there would be a little knock on my door (demonstration ensues) and the love of my life Alex Matiaco would be at the door. (FYI He is white & an American) We would share a big fat embrace and then go see Shamu. We would then eat a churro and go to six flags because you know what? I love Roller Coasters. We would later have dinner of stir fry and shaved ice because I love them both. Then we would listen to Sugarland because I am who I want to be when I sing country. Alex would then drop me off at my house and I would hang out with my brothers Hunter and Hayden. We would sleep on the tramp and roast marshmallows. Oh and Haylee would be there too.
5. Me: If you could be any animal, what would you be & why?
Heather: Shamu. I would be Shamu. For whatever reason he takes my breath away. He scares me, I don’t want to touch him. I don’t want to swim with him. He’s massive. And he doesn’t have to worry about the size of his feet. He just swims all day and he can eat people. I love Shamu.
6. Me: Activity in Ephraim?
Heather: ehhhh. My favorite thing to do in Ephraim is to go up the canyon and had a bonfire with tinfoil dinners and I get there by going in the back of a truck.
7. Me: Favorite music artist?
Heather: (depression for the fact that she can only pick out one) Kelly Clarkson. I am being true.
8. Me: Favorite character in our institute class?
Heather: Klayton. Toss up between him and Billy. Klayton makes the class what it is. He’s honest. He says what we are all thinking but don’t want to say. He makes me laugh really hard. Billy. Our institute class would not be the same without Billy. Granted I would probably have less explicit images in my head without him but I love him.
9. Me: If you had to pick parents other than your own, who would they be?
Heather: Oh my gosh. Woofh. This is super hard. I would pick my Dad would be Bob Trythall, a teacher at Snow. My mom would be Darlene Blackum from the testing center.
10. Best beauty tip?
Heather: Me: When it comes to eyelashes it’s all about the curler. Be careful when buying. You just have to know. It’s kind of hard. Curl lashes make them look how you want them to look without mascara. Then put the mascara on. Q-tips are very important. Vital. Like water. (Heather proceeds to give a demonstration and have her own Q&A session with KaLee)
11. Me: Favorite food?
Heather: Sigh of happiness. I think it’s pizza. I love pizza. It’s my favorite. I could eat it whenever.
12. Me: If you could wish for 3 things what would they be?
Heather: 1. I would love to perform dancy rocking number at the CMA awards but I wouldn’t be nervous at all. I would just nail it. 2. Have abs actually have Shelley’s body on Billy’s Boot Camp. 3. No grumpy people. Everyone would just be happy.
13. Me: Biggest Accomplishment?
Heather: (sort of disgruntled) This is difficult. Probably on the days when I do Ab slides and I do fifty of them and then I cry for my Mom.
14. Me: Worst sickness?
Heather: When I was a little nino I had the worst case of Chicken Pox Dr. Coss had never seen. In my ear hole, nose hole, everywhere. I just remember my sister had a Sunshine Generation concert but I couldn’t go, I still remember that. However, I just stunk. My mom couldn’t bare the smell and hole me. (KaLe & Heath remincse about Sunshine Generation...)
15. Me: Favorite vacation?
Heather: Lake Powell. I love not having to get ready. Not having to do my face my hair. I eat junk it’s my favorite.
16. Me: Worst memory?
Heather: When I was at girls camp when I was 14 and we were doing one of those race things with stations, I’m on the dock and you have to jump on a bouy. I was in my jeans. It was ice cold, I tensed up. I was bobbing in the water. Thought I was going to die. The retarded girls they thought I was kidding and being funny. Ps there’s nothing funny about losing my life. My neighbor Merlin jumped in the water and saved me. I had to sit on the couch and I missed the Polynesian slap dance.  I hate thinking about this. Thanks for bringing it up.
17. Me: Super hero power?
Heather: Probably invisibility. I would like that. But I wouldn’t use it in a creepy way.
18. Me: Can you think of a moment that changed you, and made you who you are today?
Heather: Can we go to the next one? Alright, there was a moment when someone very close to me told me how they saw me. They helped me realize the potential I had. People can tell you stuff all the time. But this made me realize I can honestly do good things. It helped me want to be better. It made me want to live life in a way and live up to that said potential.
19. Me: Biggest pet peeve?
Heather: When people don’t think up after themselves. It BUGS me. Hair and make-up particles. Bugs. Put your milk away in the morning.. Come on!
20. Me: What makes you laugh?
Heather: (laughs to herself.) Billy makes me laugh. My mom makes me laugh. Irish dancing in Orchestra concerts. I mean appreciate their talent, but it makes me laugh. When I get letters from a certain Elder Matiaco it makes me laugh. Pretty much 90% of the things on a daily basis make me laugh.
 21. Me: Who is your biggest role model?
Heather: My dad. He is super phenomenal. Hard worker, honest, do anything for anybody. Just the sweetest. I love him a lot.
22. Me: Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved or no eyelashes?
Heather: no eyelashes.
23. Me: Favorite class subject?
Heather: When I understand math I actually really enjoy it a lot.
24. Me: If you could meet anyone from the past or present, who would it be?
Heather: Anne Frank. She is an absolutely incredible person. I read a little bit about her and she is amazing. She is optimistic. I would love to talk to her.
25. Me: Wildest dream?
Heather: is to ride in a super fast super nice car to some sweet place. Then once I was at the sweet place I would sing Miranda Lambert’s “Karoseen.” I would be wearing the ultimate outfit with Tom Welling as my chauffeur.
26. Me: Favorite saying?
Heather: “Good better best, never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is your best.” learned that in the 5th grade and I never forgot it.
Final Words?
(Heather proceeds to steal my computer) I would just like to say I love you Ashley Palmer. A you are my clone. Everything that I say or tell you about, you just understand, you feel me! And I love that. Also you are the only person that I can really express my deep Al feelings to. Whenever my apartment is grouchy and cant handle me, you’re the one I come runnin to. Ashley, I freakin love you. And as my BF Kelly would say, my life really would suck without you.

Heather is seriously my favorite. She is my long lost twin (it's almost creepy) & the most thoughtful & kind girl I know.

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