Monday, November 1, 2010

The Dedication

Today the brand new Karen H. Huntsman library was dedicated. 
(above) Waiting for the festivities to begin with my ex-(but in a good way) roommate Carli.
Today the brand new Karen H. Huntsman library at Snow College was dedicated.
The festivities leaped right off with a ceremonial tradition, a book passing from the old library to the new.
People acted like this was a long standing tradition and that we always do it. However, how do we "always" do it if this is what, our second library?
 Let the book passing fun begin!
 Some spare time while we wait for more books to come our way.
Lots of people spoke, but I thought it was so neat to hear Jon & Karen Hunstman speak. They donated 2 million dollars of their own money for this library & it is through them that Snow was able to get the a-ok to go through the state. How awesome is that?

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