Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Broken Glass & Pizza in the Sewer

Yesterday was quite eventful & just the busiest.
I went out to my car at 10:32 a.m. to grab my English assignment, only to find this:

I was confused & quite bemused as to who would do this to the FIT. Really, I was just sad. This sort of thing stresses me right out. Lucky for me, my wallet, checkbook, & iPod were still in the front seat. Only my empty camera case was stolen. The police came & did a report & then later brought back me back my black case, full of glass that had been anonymously turned in, lip gloss & my favorite chap stick still inside.
However, my frown was quickly turned upside down when my dear friend Nikelle Bezzant came up from SUU to visit for a sleep over & then to attend school with me today. I put Tucker in charge of an adventure for us & our close friends to participate in, & golly wall does that boy plan some adventure!
Tucker's plan: for him to dress up as Rafael the Ninja Turtle & to go into the tunnels under Ephraim & order a pizza from Roy's & have them deliver it to us through some sort of "slit." In my mind I am imagining the tunnel's under Pleasant Grove High School, tall & dome-like. This is far from what we found.
Here we are going in the tunnel (aka sewer?!) under Main Street in Ephraim:
(as you can see the bar to get through was not made to get through because it was teeny tiny. At this point several of the boys that had planned on going on the adventure understandably backed out due to the said teeny tiny entrance...)
 We crouched and straddled the water/mud that was going through the center of the tunnel while trying to avoid the walls & ceiling that were covered in spider webs unlike anything I have ever witnessed.
 At this point Tucker realized that the slit we were going to get the pizza from was barred shut, therefore we ordered the pizza & just decided to have it delivered at the delivery point.
I honestly didn't think Roy's Pizza would take us seriously that they needed to deliver it through the sewer, but no need to doubt our local pizzeria, because 20 minutes later we had a pizza through the rails & in our hands.
Getting out turned out to be somehow harder than getting out, but after a lot of effort & a few minutes we all made it out.
 I betcha at this point in time, Nikelle was not loving Snow College or her choice to stop in & visit me.
So, yep we were real life sewer rats.
After our brief 1-hour stint in the tunnel/sewer was over, we went around to various apartments socializing & introducing Nikelle to new friends. We spent the wee hours into the night reminiscing on the good, bad, ugly of our lives & friendship. We woke up this morning & she attended all my classes with me. I love Nikelle, & I am so glad she was able to skip school to come to my classes with me. Thanks for the laughs & good times Nikelle-- past & present.

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