Sunday, November 7, 2010

4 Rows.

Today 4 rows were between me & one of the Lord's witnesses on the earth today.
Mom, Spencer & I arrived an hour & a half early for the 10' o clock conference so we could get good seats. It was totally worth it.
Elder L. Tom Perry was addressing the Grove Creek Stake for a "special edition" of Stake Conference.
Elder Perry cautioned that his talk would be "[A] voice of warning" right from the beginning.
He said to "...never allow the noise of the world to overcrowd us..." He went on to talk about the Prophet Joseph Smith and the warnings he gave when the Saints settled Nauvoo. He said those three things are the same we should focus on in our community today.
1. Economically sufficient. (plan for future.)
2. Education. (Don't leave things to chance.)
3. Spirituality (The more that I give to the Lord, the more he will give to me.)

Elder Perry talked about two things that I have been thinking/focusing a lot on already in my life:
1. There is nothing more consistent than change. It is everywhere.
2. Reduce & simplify my life.

He closed with one last thought, that is to "...listen to the voice of the prophets..."

The conference was amazing. I felt a much needed sense of peace & love that I know comes from my Heavenly Father.
And if just listening to this prophet of the Lord wasn't enough, I had the opportunity to shake his hand after.

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