Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Sweetest Maiden in all the Land-Shelley Whitaker

Remember Aubrie Tilley? Well it is thanks to her that I have met one of my favorite people at Snow College, Shelley Whitaker. She is not only the sweetest, but the funniest. She spends a small portion of her time clipping funny headlines out of newspapers and pasting them on her fridge. She feeds the stray cats that roam Park Place, and makes some of the best treats your mouth buds have ever partied with. Shelley is also a huge supporter of this blog, she has informed of the fact that her two saved tabs are Facebook and 365. That is an honor. Let's begin now:
1. Color?
Shelley: Emerald Green, like not a ruby, but green.
2. Vegetable:
Shelley: Vegetables, who eats those? I don’t.
3. Favorite Law to break:
Shelley: Speeding. I’m a real dare devil when it comes to the roads.
4. Celebrity you would most like to meet?
Shelley: Brad Pitt
5. Favorite food?
Shelley: Chinese. Snow Dragon has become a quick favorite. Must have it every week.
6. Flower?
Shelley: These are hard questions! Not what I was expecting... What are the red ones? Poppies. Red ones. It was a brain fart. (Hangs head in shame..)
7. Most memorable childhood memory?
Shelley: Pass until later. Oh no. Look at those fingers typing. Trip to Mexico of ‘99. Peed my pants in the expedition.
8. Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved or no eyelashes?
Shelley: One eyebrow shaved. Why? Because those are everything. I put mascara on those everyday and they look good! If I didn’t have those.. Uh.
9. Favorite Harry Potter character?
Shelley: Oh!!! That is such a good one. Dumbledore or Ron Weasley. Ron Weasley. He does it for me. I love Ron Weasley.
10. Biggest accomplishment?
Shelley: Graduating High School, man.......
11. Favorite Treat to bake?
Shelley: OH, Red Velvet Cupcakes. They are just so good. Aubrie, Aren’t they so good? (Aubrie replies: Darn tootin)
12. If you could invite any person to dinner from the past, or present, who would you choose?
Shelley: Brad Pitt. I would make him try my cupcakes and I know he would just love me forever. Sorry Angelina.
13 Would you rather live a day in the past or a day in the future?
Shelley: Past for sure. Somewhere in the 1900's where I get to wear one of those cute frilly dresses and a cowboy saves me from gun battle.
14. Favorite outdoor activity?
Shelley: Anything with sports. Or just driving around in my car. Stalking People.
15. Favorite Quote:
Shelley: That’s what she said. -Michael Scott.
16. What reality or game show would you most like to be on?
Shelley: MXC. Most Extreme Chinese. That’s what I call it. It’s on spike.
17. What is the nicest thing that someone else has done for you?
Shelley: Can we pass on this one until later too?
18. What song would you say describes your life?
Shelley: OH These are just so tricky! Pass. Right now, “You could be Happy” by Snow Patrol. It has a lot of meaning.
19. If you could witness any event from history, what would you choose?
Shelley: (Sort of glaring with beady eyes) Oh Boy. Can I say a pass on this one too? I would have to say, Horses being invented or created on the 3rd day or whatever day it was. See Bible for references and exact days.
20. Worst sickness?
Shelley: Christmas of 2009. It was an epidemic. All in the family. No one could sleep. No one could keep anything down. (Uncontrollable self induced laughter.. Truly uncontrollable.)
21. Favorite Vacation?
Shelley: Summer of 2010. It was the best of times, in the 4 winns. Which is a motor home. All of us sleep in there. We were bouncing around, until the tires blew.
22. What is your favorite Movie?
Shelley: Harry Potter 1-7 Part one.
23. Favorite thing about Snow College?
Shelley: my roommates. M 71. It is so fun here. They are the joy of my life.
24. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Shelley: several options. A librarian. School Teacher. Perhaps a 4th grade teacher like Nicole my roommate.
25. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
Shelley: That when I am really smiling– I am really cursing them inside.
26. What has been the hardest thing about being a college freshman?
Shelley: Having to wake up early and go to my classes which I find mostly boring.
Final Words?
Shelley: May your Holidays be bright. What do people say on these things? Seriously that’s gay.  I need a filter on these things. OH my gosh you are not typing this. (Regretable laughter as she slumps onto the cold ground.) Glaring as she says, “Fine. In the words of Aubrie Tilley, “I’d get Sleezy for Ron Weasley.”
Isn't she just the funniest? Let me just say, you know at interview is going to be good when you walk in & the prospective interviewee is wearing her SnuggieTM along with her apron draped and tied on top. Being the domestic homemaker she is she made me cookies & even hid the dishes in the sink with a clean towel. Along with many pictures taken during this interview, Shelley, Mandalee & Aubrie reside in M-71 better known as the North Pole from the Decor. How appropriate.
In short, Shelley, I just love you.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Student Life

Sometimes this place threatens to take over my life.
So much so that as a student I have no life.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Last Lecture

I love to Read.
Most days, especially days like today there is nothing more I would rather do than plug in my electric blanket,  with SnuggieTM also in tow, & get comfortable on some nearby furniture item & read a good book. (A fireplace is a nice but optional luxury to my reading fantasy.)
Unfortunately for me, life continues to happen & my reading radar goes down to bare none.
After all, who has time for light, casual, practically recreational reading when there is school work to be done, meetings to attend, an attempted social life to keep, & the call to get some restful sleep?
{"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand"--Randy Pausch}
Lucky for me in my leadership class, we were required to read a book from a previously selected list.
Upon recommendation I read The Last Lecture.
This book was exactly what I needed to get motivated again & get through the rapidly approaching finals week.
Randy Pausch is such an inspiration to me.
He really knew how to live & what life was all about.
I loved this book.
There are so many timeless life lessons contained within.
Read it.
I promise you will be so glad you did.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


In the Palmer family, (& maybe in your family too) we get to pick out a Christmas ornament that is our very own to be put on the trees downstairs.
I like to drive my mother crazy by finding & insisting she buy me the ugliest ornament I can get my hands on.
I ended up with the one that I love on the left.
What a cutie.
Can't wait until one day when I am all grown up & can have a small tree somewhere in my home which will sport only the ugliest ornaments I can find.
That will be one sweet victory.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Haul out the Holly

...because the countdown for Christmas can officially begin!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Saying "I love Thanksgiving" is like saying "I like to eat."
Both are true for me.
What is it about stuffing yourself until you are sick that is so much fun?
I don't know, but I love this time of year we have to get together with our extended family & talk about the things we are grateful for.
It is a time to reflect & I appreciate it.
I feel like sometimes I get in the whirls & goings of daily life that I forget to pause & be grateful for the little things.
Right now I feel like my gratitude is overflowing.
I have had such a great year.
I feel so blessed for the opportunities & struggles 2010 has brought to me.
This year, my Mom made a gratitude board for us to write any & every thing we are grateful for.
It helped me reflect on the everyday things for which I am most grateful.
Everything thing from Cafe Rio, to BYU, to music, to people against Qubo, to the gospel were listed.
Mostly though, I just kept going back to how grateful I am for my wonderful family.
The more I am around them, the more I realize how truly selfless my parents are & how much they love me & my siblings.
I am really so blessed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reason I Love My Dad #103

I love that my Dad chooses to clean our upstairs carpets, in his spare time, with his own rented machinery.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The interview we've all been waiting for, Drum roll please-- ASHLEY PALMER

                   Ashley's blog has been hijacked by none other than her mom today. I like many of you have been anxiously wanting to find out the inside scoop on our Dear Sweet Ashley. Well, today is our lucky day. Ashley has finally consented to let me turn the tables and have her answer all the questions. So, enjoy this fascinating glimpse of Ashley. You can thank me later.
1. If you could add one item to your bedroom what would you choose?
Ashley- Well comfier carpet.
2. What is one thing that could be invented to make your life easier?
Ashley- I would definitely say some sort of mechanical device that would dry my hair for me because drying my hair is the worst part of my day. It takes much too long.
3. What is the best costume you have ever worn?
Ashley- I like to think I look great everyday, The year I dressed up as a fat cowboy was pretty remarkable.
4. What is your favorite breakfast?
Ashley- By far breakfast burritos with fresh tortillas. or anything I don't have to make myself.
5. If you found $100 what would you do with it?
Ashley- Well actually I'd been wanting some purple tights and a new black skirt so $100 would definitely help me get on my way there.
6.Two everyday things I wouldn't want to live without.
Ashley- my cell phone (or my 5th appendage as my mother likes to call it) and fashionable yet weather appropriate clothing.
7. If you could change your name or last name what would you change it to?
Ashley- I've always fancied Samantha or Celeste. In regards to a last name Iam currently not in love so no comment. You'll have to ask my mom what she hopes for a last name.
8. IF you could invite two famous people to dinner, who would they be and why?
Ashley- Ellen Degeneres, she's my favorite lesbian. and Nephi because he's one of my favorite Book of Mormon characters. I think they would make for great dinner conversation. Nephi might feel slightly awkward though.

9. What product from an infomercial would you most like to own?
Ashley:I already own the SnuggieTM so my life is complete. However, I have always wanted to try the Shake Weight. Does it work? I'm curious.
10. If your had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?
Ashley- Oh my gosh I don't know. There's lots of good TV out there. Probably, Modern Family it makes me laugh.
11. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Ashley- Could i choose a physical power and a mind power? Alright- physical would be like elastic girl, flexibility is my dream. Mental- reading of minds. I'm sick of people lying to me. Just kidding, but really.
12. If you could stop doing one chore what would it be?
Ashley-SWEEPING i hate sweeping with a driving passion.
13. If you were a circus performer what act would you perform?
Ashley- When I think of circus, I think of walking on a tight rope. so tight rope it is.
Net or no net?
Ashley- no net, what's the adventure with a net?
14- If you could ask one person from history a question to which they had to give an honest answer, whom would you choose and what question would you ask?
Ashley- Adolf Hitler, where do you get off?
15- If you could go anywhere on your next vacation, where would it be?
Ashley- I think I'd want to go on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean.
16- Blond or dark hair?
Ashley- My mom taught me by example that tallish, dark and handsome is the way to go.
17-2 snacks i could eat everyday
Ashley- capri suns and granola bars.
18- What was the nicest thing someone else ever did for you?
Ashley- I've never quite forgotten the imagery I witnessed on the miracle of life video. Thanks, Mom
19- Any secrets of the past you'd like to share with your mom and your loyal readers?
Ashley- Here's something I wasn't going to share until I was on my mission. I know exactly what happened to Dad's missing faculty parking pass. May it rest in peace.
20-  Ok then, Who have you kissed this year?
Ashley- I've actually never kissed and told.
21- What do you hope to have accomplished by the time you're 80 years old?
Ashley- I hope to be able to say that I have found joy and laughter in everyday and a man to share it with.
22- Favorite quote-
Ashley- I really enjoy, "Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."
23- Biggest accomplishment?
Ashley- Everyday I get ready for bed I consider myself a great champion.
24- Favorite Scripture?
Ashley- D&C 76:22-24
25- Favorite childhood memory?
Ashley- When Julia Williams and I dressed up as gypsy robbers and door bell ditched a "poisonous" concoction wrapped up in what looked to be macaroni and cheese to a not-so nearby neighbor.
26- In honor of Thanksgiving this week, what are you grateful for everyday?
Ashley- my family, friends, gospel, and the experiences I'm having at Snow College.
Don't you just love her. I think she is the best 19 year old I know. Seriously, she is so much fun and such a kind, thoughtful person. I feel so grateful that she is my daughter. I love her sooo much!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Phone Booths

Why are there tons of practically ancient phone booths on Snow College's campus?
I don't know, you tell me...
...but I like it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Third Times a Charm

This evening, my favorite freshman invited me over for my 3rd Thanksgiving dinner at Snow College.
It was a delicious feast complete with Thankful (non-alcoholic) bubbly toasts & a large assortment of delicious foods.
(I am fairly certain that Turkey was the best I have ever had.)
When it came my turn to say the 3 things I was grateful for I said: family, friends & pictures.
When I said 'pictures' I realized I really am turning into my mother.
It sort of used to be a funny little joke but it is really true.
Thanks girls for the delicious feast & fun times!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marry Me Ron Weasley?

A small group of us went to see Harry Potter Part 1 yesterday afternoon.
Reason for not going to the midnight?
I am trying to put secular learning first & I had a psychology 1400 test I had to take Friday morn.
Midnight showing+test=a would be F letter grade.
So yesterday afternoon at 3 it was!
We dressed up as wizards dressed up as muggles & hit the pavement.
 Cute Whit drove us to Nephi,
 we talked in our best british accents the whole way while discussing/playing trivia like games.
 KaLe couldn't get enough of this poster,
in fact we practically had to yank her away so she didn't steal it.
I loved this movie! I cannot believe how far the movie industry has come! The cinematography was stellar & the special effects were breath taking.
In case you were wondering, yes I am a Harry Potter nerd.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stop the presses...

...it would seem I have found the start of an unhealthy addiction.
Before you start judging me, let me just say: for my whole life I have hated Guitar Hero.
My hate was primarily driven by the fact that I was bad at it.
You know those people that you like to play video games against because they are worse than you so you always win?
I wasn't one of those people.
I was so bad at guitar hero that people easily won against me. 
And what fun is no challenge?
Recently however, I have taken it up.
In fact as I said earlier, I am slightly addicted.
I am taking it so seriously that I play until my fingers bleed & my elbow threatens to buckle & break.
A monumental event occurred the other night.
Not only did I beat the queen of guitar hero herself Jacee, I got 100% on everything while playing my favorite song: My name is Jonas by the recently regrouped band Weezer.
That's right, I hit every single note; both long & short. Staccato & legato. 
Sure Jacee plays on expert & I play on medium, but any improvement is an improvement.
Positive thinking=positive results.
Guitar Hero went ahead & reaffirmed that for me.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Remember Miss Heather Farr?
Yesterday when she picked me up for class we realized we were wearing the exact same thing.
From hair to brown shirt/yellow sweater scheme to brown boots...
In short, it just reaffirms that we are indeed twins; or rather two copies of the same being.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Round 2.

It would seem I need to round up my cornucopia, because I have a lot to be grateful for this year.
For you see, I have had not one but two Thanksgiving dinner's & it's not even the last Thursday of the month yet.
From my neighb Zach pushing my hand into the all too gross & clearly cranberry sauce, to being zip tied to our dinner table neighbors wrists whilst eating the whole nine yards Thanksgiving supper, a good time was had by all.
I must admit I can't wait for Round 3 with my family next week.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holler at This Girl: Meet Heather Farr

There are few people in this whole world that I love more than Heather Farr. This girl is one of the happiest people I have ever encountered. Everyday I consider myself so lucky to be numbered among her friends.
1. Favorite Color?
Heather: purple
2. Me: Type of toothpaste?
Heather: The blue kind. Colgate. I am not sure what it is exactly called. Little mint strips you know. Hey, do you do a background check during these things? Like a urine sample?
3. Me: Restaurant?
Heather: I would probably say Pizza Factory. I love it. Actually I would have said Little Ceasers but that’s sort of an informal place.
4. Me: Describe your ideal day.
Heather: My ideal day. I would wake up at 8:17. I would help myself to a big bowl, a HUGE bowl of cereal, with a big spoon to match. Not generic Dino Bites, Fruity pebbles. After that bowl I would just get ready for the day, doing the make-up the hair while listening to the Miranda Lambert station on pandora. Next thing I know there would be a little knock on my door (demonstration ensues) and the love of my life Alex Matiaco would be at the door. (FYI He is white & an American) We would share a big fat embrace and then go see Shamu. We would then eat a churro and go to six flags because you know what? I love Roller Coasters. We would later have dinner of stir fry and shaved ice because I love them both. Then we would listen to Sugarland because I am who I want to be when I sing country. Alex would then drop me off at my house and I would hang out with my brothers Hunter and Hayden. We would sleep on the tramp and roast marshmallows. Oh and Haylee would be there too.
5. Me: If you could be any animal, what would you be & why?
Heather: Shamu. I would be Shamu. For whatever reason he takes my breath away. He scares me, I don’t want to touch him. I don’t want to swim with him. He’s massive. And he doesn’t have to worry about the size of his feet. He just swims all day and he can eat people. I love Shamu.
6. Me: Activity in Ephraim?
Heather: ehhhh. My favorite thing to do in Ephraim is to go up the canyon and had a bonfire with tinfoil dinners and I get there by going in the back of a truck.
7. Me: Favorite music artist?
Heather: (depression for the fact that she can only pick out one) Kelly Clarkson. I am being true.
8. Me: Favorite character in our institute class?
Heather: Klayton. Toss up between him and Billy. Klayton makes the class what it is. He’s honest. He says what we are all thinking but don’t want to say. He makes me laugh really hard. Billy. Our institute class would not be the same without Billy. Granted I would probably have less explicit images in my head without him but I love him.
9. Me: If you had to pick parents other than your own, who would they be?
Heather: Oh my gosh. Woofh. This is super hard. I would pick my Dad would be Bob Trythall, a teacher at Snow. My mom would be Darlene Blackum from the testing center.
10. Best beauty tip?
Heather: Me: When it comes to eyelashes it’s all about the curler. Be careful when buying. You just have to know. It’s kind of hard. Curl lashes make them look how you want them to look without mascara. Then put the mascara on. Q-tips are very important. Vital. Like water. (Heather proceeds to give a demonstration and have her own Q&A session with KaLee)
11. Me: Favorite food?
Heather: Sigh of happiness. I think it’s pizza. I love pizza. It’s my favorite. I could eat it whenever.
12. Me: If you could wish for 3 things what would they be?
Heather: 1. I would love to perform dancy rocking number at the CMA awards but I wouldn’t be nervous at all. I would just nail it. 2. Have abs actually have Shelley’s body on Billy’s Boot Camp. 3. No grumpy people. Everyone would just be happy.
13. Me: Biggest Accomplishment?
Heather: (sort of disgruntled) This is difficult. Probably on the days when I do Ab slides and I do fifty of them and then I cry for my Mom.
14. Me: Worst sickness?
Heather: When I was a little nino I had the worst case of Chicken Pox Dr. Coss had never seen. In my ear hole, nose hole, everywhere. I just remember my sister had a Sunshine Generation concert but I couldn’t go, I still remember that. However, I just stunk. My mom couldn’t bare the smell and hole me. (KaLe & Heath remincse about Sunshine Generation...)
15. Me: Favorite vacation?
Heather: Lake Powell. I love not having to get ready. Not having to do my face my hair. I eat junk it’s my favorite.
16. Me: Worst memory?
Heather: When I was at girls camp when I was 14 and we were doing one of those race things with stations, I’m on the dock and you have to jump on a bouy. I was in my jeans. It was ice cold, I tensed up. I was bobbing in the water. Thought I was going to die. The retarded girls they thought I was kidding and being funny. Ps there’s nothing funny about losing my life. My neighbor Merlin jumped in the water and saved me. I had to sit on the couch and I missed the Polynesian slap dance.  I hate thinking about this. Thanks for bringing it up.
17. Me: Super hero power?
Heather: Probably invisibility. I would like that. But I wouldn’t use it in a creepy way.
18. Me: Can you think of a moment that changed you, and made you who you are today?
Heather: Can we go to the next one? Alright, there was a moment when someone very close to me told me how they saw me. They helped me realize the potential I had. People can tell you stuff all the time. But this made me realize I can honestly do good things. It helped me want to be better. It made me want to live life in a way and live up to that said potential.
19. Me: Biggest pet peeve?
Heather: When people don’t think up after themselves. It BUGS me. Hair and make-up particles. Bugs. Put your milk away in the morning.. Come on!
20. Me: What makes you laugh?
Heather: (laughs to herself.) Billy makes me laugh. My mom makes me laugh. Irish dancing in Orchestra concerts. I mean appreciate their talent, but it makes me laugh. When I get letters from a certain Elder Matiaco it makes me laugh. Pretty much 90% of the things on a daily basis make me laugh.
 21. Me: Who is your biggest role model?
Heather: My dad. He is super phenomenal. Hard worker, honest, do anything for anybody. Just the sweetest. I love him a lot.
22. Me: Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved or no eyelashes?
Heather: no eyelashes.
23. Me: Favorite class subject?
Heather: When I understand math I actually really enjoy it a lot.
24. Me: If you could meet anyone from the past or present, who would it be?
Heather: Anne Frank. She is an absolutely incredible person. I read a little bit about her and she is amazing. She is optimistic. I would love to talk to her.
25. Me: Wildest dream?
Heather: is to ride in a super fast super nice car to some sweet place. Then once I was at the sweet place I would sing Miranda Lambert’s “Karoseen.” I would be wearing the ultimate outfit with Tom Welling as my chauffeur.
26. Me: Favorite saying?
Heather: “Good better best, never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is your best.” learned that in the 5th grade and I never forgot it.
Final Words?
(Heather proceeds to steal my computer) I would just like to say I love you Ashley Palmer. A you are my clone. Everything that I say or tell you about, you just understand, you feel me! And I love that. Also you are the only person that I can really express my deep Al feelings to. Whenever my apartment is grouchy and cant handle me, you’re the one I come runnin to. Ashley, I freakin love you. And as my BF Kelly would say, my life really would suck without you.

Heather is seriously my favorite. She is my long lost twin (it's almost creepy) & the most thoughtful & kind girl I know.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Calling Any S.C. Leaders

Go to Snow College?
Want to be more involved & join an awesome team?
Well today is your lucky day.
Danielle, Academics VP, is getting married & leaving at the semester, so we have an opening.
Run into Student Life & get your application today!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Realizations of Unhealthy Addictions

Jacee & I realized something today.
We are addicted to Carmel Popcorn.
We have made & consumed two good sized bowls in two days.
(minus the plastic wrapped sorry balls of it we have gifted to people.)
It's delicious. Therefore, we are not ashamed.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

T-11 Days

There are officially 11 days until the day where gratitude hits a peak of abundance & people are surrounded by family & friends eating themselves sick.
I have some awesome friends who planned a Thanksgiving dinner last night to get everyone excited for the big day.
We had everything. From a turkey, to stuffing, potatoes & gravy, rolls, & pies (both yummy & some better forgotten.)
I was having such a good time I forgot to take pictures. (looks like I am not quite my mom yet, after all she never forgets!)
While we dined on yummy food, I was in charge of the game. We played the thankful ABC game. I had everyone in the circle say one thing they were grateful for starting with whatever letter of the alphabet we were on. (some things mentioned were: Dessert, Jesus, Men, Organs, Quidditch, Womenhood, X-Boyfriends.)
It's like I always say: You can't go wrong with good food, a thankful game, & some quality conversation.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Duty Calls

One time, Aubrie & I volunteered to help with the ash removal from the Institute.
However, our stomachs told us that eating lunch was far more important than being on time for this scheduled service.
We arrived 15 (no more than 20) minutes late, only to find the job complete.
But, we were not about to let this photo opportunity pass us by.
We were in our ugliest attire after all.
So we jumped up in the dump truck full of ashes & let the camera capture the magic.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where do I go from here?

It seems like just yesterday was the date August 15, 2009.
I arrived in Ephraim at an early hour that morn to get a good room within my first apartment.
Snow Gardens Building A apartment 8.
My whole family dropped me off (minus Big-S), my Mom cried, & I didn't. (typical)
I really do love it here.
And now, I already have to decide where I am going to transfer to & get applying.
The two schools I am debating between are Utah State University (more commonly known as USU) & then of course Brigham Young University which is often referred to as BYU.

Each has it's pros & cons.

USU pros:
perhaps a leadership scholarship (?), similar feeling to Snow College (or so I am told), still live away from Home, involvement on campus, lots of friends from Snow are transferring there, good programs.
USU cons:
farther away from home, freezing cold weath,

BYU pros:
fam would love me to attend, dreamed of going there when I was a small lass, closer to home, great programs, fun atmosphere, friends currently attend.
BYU cons: 
cost, no scholarship, something about it scares me.

So kids, where should I go?

(PS Today is 11/11 so make a good wish tonight at 11:11. I realize the ultimate wishing grounds will be next year on 11/11/11 but a little hearty practice never hurt anyone, right?)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The First Winter Wonderland

The first snow fall is very prevalent here in the 84627. (I know it doesn't look much, you should see it right now!) The reason I am not honestly excited is because I remember last year-- The snow didn't melt until April 30th. Ah, but do you know what the first snow fall brings? It is the bridge between autumn time & Christmas time. Now that is something to get me excited.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Biggest Man on Campus: T-Smith

T-Smith, not to be confused with T-Swift is Snow College's Student Body President. My first encounter with Tucker was the night I interviewed for my position as an SBO. I liked him right from the get-go. Tucker is an amazing leader & he leads our team of 14 officers with the most the most positive incurable vim & vigor I have ever witnessed. Not only is Tucker a commendable leader, he is quite the hilarious comedian & an awesome friend.
This interview was completed at the library on the 2nd floor, Aubrie was kind enough to take notes via short hand complete with a babushka, & Tucker did as he was asked & wore his best dress, which included a new pair of jeans that are about 95% better than his other ones.
1. Me: Color?
Tucker: (After a short pause,) I’d say teal. Just chose it.
2. Me: Favorite/least favorite part of your day?
Favorite: When I saw Aubrie wearing her babushka. (in photo below)
Least Favorite: Awkward tension in the office today.
3. Me: Favorite phrase?
Tucker: Well, I’ll answer. Who has a favorite phrase? I don’t. But I will choose one now. “So chiseled that a chiseler couldn’t even chisel it.”  I’m choosing favorites today.
4. Me: Worst Sickness?
Tucker: The thing that sickens me the most is when girls hair get’s in her lips.
5. Me: Book?
Tucker: To Kill a Mockingbird. Yup, read it in Jr. High.
6. Me: Biggest Accomplishment?
Tucker: I ate six saltines in a minute. But that’s not true I never did that. What am I saying?
7. Me: What song do you feel best describes your life?
Tucker: It’s a song by Josh turner, I don’t know what it’s called. There’s a phrase that goes, “I live in a city but I don’t fit in. Don’t you know it’s a pity the shape I am in.” I was meant to be a country boy. (Tucker then puts one hand to his brow whilst completing some reminiscent singing.)
8. Me: Favorite Food?
Tucker: Ahhh, mashed potatoes and gravy. You can never have too many mashed potatoes and gravy.
9. Me: What is something most people don't know about you?
Tucker: I have no chest hair. (Awkward glance)
10. Me: Favorite thing about Snow College?
Tucker: (he repeats the question for emphasis) There’s a little rope swing up in the mountains, and I am liking to go there sometimes. (said in an evident Spanish accent.)
11. Me: Going right along with that, favorite/least favorite thing about council?
Tucker: Favorite: I enjoy the relationships I have built. I feel like I learn something new every day. I really do. I feel like I am building characteristics in my self that I will use for the rest of my life. Plus I really like the sweet activities. Plus I really just love Snow College, and I just really like to be in the throws of what’s going on. Least favorite: ummm another favorite, no never mind that’s fine. Least favorite: I am serious. Being under the microscope, if that makes sense?
12. Me: What is your favorite Greek City State?
Tucker: Athens. For me it’s just full of rich history, and it is the origin of so many things that our modern culture embraces today. I feel like we can thank Athens for a lot of our modern luxuries.
13. Me: If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be?
Tucker: Corbin Green he sat next to me in my History class. (Incessant laughter.)
14. Me: Would you rather lick a homeless man's foot or have shard's of glass fly into your right eye?
Tucker: (without hesitation) Homeless man’s foot. Seems like the consequences would be much more temporary.
15. Me: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Tucker: ahhh, when girl’s hair get’s stuck in their lips.
16. Me: What is your favorite clothing item?
Tucker: I enjoy sweaters. I love sweaters. I love hoodless sweatshirts the most.
17. Me: Favorite adventure?
Tucker: (ahhh, mmmmm, short spell of heavy breathing, deep stare, inviting moan, light snort) I feel like there is so many. That is really what I live for hear at Snow. I like campus life but my most favorite thing to do is adventure in the mountains with my friends. So my most favorite adventure is adventures in the mountains. There was this one time I went we went to the rope swing, it was October of last year. The rope swing is not very safe even if the daytime. It was cold. We asked them if we could share their fire because we were cold. And I like it because it combines rope swinging with 4-wheeling because you have to 4-wheel to get there.
18. Me: Desired future profession?
Tucker: I would like well, I’ll tell you. It’s between two things. Astronaut, mechanical engineer, and pilot. Umm so it really depends on where my priorities are but I have always have wanted to be a pilot or astronaut but I feel it might not be conducive to my lifestyle that I am seeking after day by day in the depths of my soul it burns in my heart a fiery passion, the heat of a thousand suns.
19. Me: Level of attraction to anyone on council?
Tucker: Ahh, I joke about being in love with Camrie. I am really not. I do love her, but I am not in love with her. That’s all.
20. Me: If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?
Tucker: Uncle Vernon.
21. Me: Biggest lesson you learned on your mission?
Tucker: (to kill time, he restates question) I feel like I learned a balance between obedience and fun. I don’t know if that’s the right word. I feel like I learned how to make obedience fun.
22. Me: Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved or no eyelashes?
Tucker: I think the eyebrow. The reason I said that is I feel like I could do the Emo swoop and cover my eyebrow. I feel like I could pull that off.
23. Me: What is the creepiest thing you have ever done?
Tucker: Me...Creepiest? (Nostril flair, lip pursed, sudden outburst of laughter.) There was this one time in Jr. High... no high School. Stacy Simmons. She’s married now. I don’t know why but I winked at her. Come to find out earlier that day she had told my best friend Richie that she had a crush on me. She then assumed that Riche had told me that she had a crush on me but I just winked at her. But he had not. I just winked at her. She’s married now... She’s married now. She was my first girlfriend. Except for Paige Casteller, we dated in 6th grade, she’s married as well.
24. Me: Favorite part of Elementary school?
Tucker: The shot gun lady. There was a woman who lived behind the fence. She came out while we were playing football. She came through the slot in the fence and she proceeded to rather ferociously accuse us of throwing rocks at her children which we had not done. She then used her wireless phone to call the Principal, whom she had on speed dial. In the proceedings she threatened to bring out her shotgun from then on it was a challenge, when the football went over the fence, we would yell, “Shot gun Lady!” and then run behind a hill and hide.
25. Me: Three wishes?
Tucker: 1. If I could have one wish to be able to go to Disneyland and sneak into the Matterhorn and find the basketball court and if I got caught my wish would be that I wouldn’t get in trouble. 2. Secondly my wish, Ahhg I can’t believe I am telling you this. Whenever I go over railroad tracks I wish for a 4.0 that semester, the reason I am hesitant to tell you is that if you tell people it won’t come true. But you asked, so I told you.  3. I would wish for a horse named Rufio. He’s a paint. With my hand dipped in white paint and plastered on his rear end like Indian war paint.
26: Me: Favorite greeting?
Tucker: Salutations.
Me: Final words?
Tucker: This is on the record? Alright, all I really have to say is thank you for this opportunity. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Darn tootin. Salutations. Now, as for off the record...
(picture collage depicting what went on at the interview.)
Oh Tucker. As you have seen, this kid has quite a few tales to tell. He has definitely changed my life, & through his example he makes me want to be better. He is like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. I feel pretty lucky to count him among my friends, even if he eludes that Uncle Vernon from HP & I look the same.