Friday, October 22, 2010

Wally Ball

These cute girls are my some of my very favorite freshman at Snow College.
Paige, Kendall, Destiny & Jessica are on my Publicity Committee & are the most friendly energetic little balls of fun you will encounter. Sometimes I just want to squeeze them. Sometimes I do just that.
What's this you ask?
Wallyball Intermurals.
Wallyball is played on a racquetball court & is virtually just Volleyball with walls.
It's funny. Really I LOL'ed.
I told these girls it was a secret dream of mine to win Intermurals & get one of the ultra coveted T-shirts. The Fab 4 took that to heart & went ahead & formed a team & signed me up along with them.
I think after the way I played last night they are going to "forget" to text me or "forget" to let me know when the games are.
But it's fun.
Wish us luck as we try to come away the champions.

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