Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Tale of the Trip to Yuma, Arizona

Long story short, this weekend I enjoyed the sites of driving through Utah, Nevada, California, Mexico's boarder, our final destination Yuba, Arizona, but mostly I enjoyed the sites of a 30+ hour bus ride.
Peer pressure is what helped make me decide that I was going to join the adventure & go to watch Snow College vs. Arizona Western.
Here are some shots of all of us showing our best "1st minute on the bus" spirit.
I thought it was crucial to capture this moment, because let's get real: with such a long bus ride in our future, it wasn't going to last long.
 The game started off with fun & a good spirit,
 we watched in eager anticipation,
 Caitlyn found out (first hand) how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Blow Pop,
 We cheered,
& continued to cheer even when it became clear that we were going to unfortunately lose the game. (I'd post the score, but since we lost I think the  score is irrelevant..)
Some were mad, but hey we did our part, & we picked up our trash & headed back to the bus to drive the 12 hours back through California,
Nevada (with a spontaneous stop in Las Vegas for an hour so we could run rampant & free for an hour,)
 As shown in this picture, Vegas is so bright the flash is not needed to produce a good picture.
 As this close-up unfortunately shows I was looking like a noticeable hood rat in the city,
As I am sure you can imagine, loads of people asked & commented on what our "Let's Get Rowdy" shirts meant.
 These two looked as worldly as ever,
& we pulled out after midnight & headed back to Ephraim with our arrival time around 6:45 am this morning.
I really loved this trip! It was so fun. I met new people & made new friends. We laughed, shared secrets, told lies, & maybe brought a few pranks into the fold.
Isn't it funny how long bus rides unite & bring people together?

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