Sunday, October 10, 2010

Snow College Homecoming Week 2010

Would you believe it? Snow College Homecoming Week 2010: "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" is officially over. $14,000 were spent on making this week happen. Let me fill you in on all the activities of this past week. (WARNING: Feel free to take breaks whilst looking at this post. Recapping 6 days is going to bring with it a long post.)
Monday brought cloudy sky's, which left me feeling sort of blue.
My (EXPENSIVE) 4 foot letters made a brief showing, but then the rains came & they were forced to be taken down.
My Homecoming Committee & the Student Body Officer's sported the shirts I designed for Homecoming & had the " logo" on the front with the week's schedule on the back.
Monday's sidewalk chalk/car painting activity had to be postponed until Thursday, & it was all I could do to not be depressed that this week was not having the get-go bang factor that I had hoped it would.
On Tuesday, I watched from backstage as a new Miss Snow was crowned after a 2 & 1/2 hour pageant.
I know what you are thinking, "Don't their sashes look nice?" They look so good because I was the one that bestowed them upon these girls.
Wednesday, the weather continued to act up, but it didn't matter because we enjoyed a hypnotist inside the Main Gym of the Activity Center. Not so enjoyable was after the show the Hypnotist asked for the crowd to give Ashley Palmer a round of applause. I tried to duck in the bleachers.
To say I was nervous about Thursday's block of events would be an understatement. It had rained 35 pound cats & dogs all day & we were promising a huge bonfire followed by 90 foot car drop. Luckily, I am just a worry wart & everything went so good.
Here we are with the sledge hammer & Glendale appropriate painted car before it was dropped, crashed/smashed by the 90 foot crane.
The Football team Captains were having a rather difficult time starting the pile of wood on fire, so once the fire department went in there & showed them how it was done we burned a mascot from the opposing team, The Glendale Gaucho's.
Pictures were taken around the fire & in other clumps as we waited for the car dropping to go.
Here we are with the car after it was dropped & smashed, twice.
Friday brought us the Girl's powderpuff Football Game,
It was the Freshman vs. the Sophmores.
In overtime, the Freshman came off victorious, & then Aubrie & I spent the rest of the day running errands around Ephraim until 2 am in preparation for Saturday, along with stopping by the TBSI Restoration House with Tucker & grabbing some free food like a piece of sourdough bread & a single lemon drop.
Some open houses have simply a ribbon cutting ceremony, TBSI went all out & had an official stone cutting ceremony in which Tucker helped with. Only in Sanpete my friends. Only in Sanpete.
Saturday began with a 5k run, followed by the Homecoming Parade.
We prepped the 33 parade entries, & helped get them all lined up.

Sure it's a little parade, but it is loads of fun & you get lots of candy out of it.
What are these horses you ask?
Well, long story short, mine & Aubrie's advisor Lindsey Field, was telling us how funny it would be if somehow we could get horses & ride them in the parade. (I guess some people on council did that a few years ago.) We expressed our sorrow that Linds didn't give us such a grand idea sooner, because how the heck were we going to find a couple of horses to ride the night before?
But, alas my friends, where there is a will, there is certainly a way.
That night, Aub & I were telling Skyler's roommate Derek Smart our predicament, & he exclaimed that he would make a few phone calls & see what we could do. We thought he was most certainly joking. In a matter of minutes Derek arranged for some of his friends from Moroni to come to the Parade the very next morning & allow us to ride their horses.
We were more excited than kids on Christmas morning. Late Friday night, we broke into Lindsey's office, did a little write up about ourselves to be read at the parade, & then switched our new updated script with the outdated one.
To say Lindsey was surprised to see us on horses the next morning as the final "number" in the parade is putting it lightly.
Aren't these boys from Moroni the nicest?
The very next hour was the Tailgate party which filtered into the Homecoming Game. We beat the Glendale Gaucho's 44-7.
Darren took me out to dinner to Pizza Gallery, & then we all got ready for the Homecoming Dance that night.
(cute photo Background I know.)
It was so fun to have Darren & Kayloni down here for the final activities of Homecoming. We had a blast hanging out & partying at the dance.
I would be horribly ungrateful if I did a huge post about Homecoming Week without saying thank you to Lindsey Field, my advisor & Director of Student Life. She is incredible, & I tell her all the time I want to be more like her. Homecoming week simply wouldn't have happened without her long hours, simplifying reasoning, & stellar organization skills. This woman knows her stuff, not to mention she is ridiculously funny.

In short, I have learned so much while being in charge of Homecoming Week this year at Snow College. Yes it was stressful, but I am so grateful for all the things I have learned, & the great friends I have made because I was able to be apart of the planning & execution of this week. I would do it all again in a heart beat.

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