Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meet Mare Bear Bunker

Mary Bunker, my final roommate to be interviewed, hails originally from Bountiful, but last year she joined the Pioneers at Lehi High School for her 12th Grade year.
I love little Mare & she is always happy & fun.
Me: Favorite Animal?
Mary: Panda Bear
Me: Color?
Mary: Pink.. bright Pink
Me: Car?
Mary: Chevy Camaro
Me: Movie?
Mary: OH my gosh, there are just so many. She's the Man.
Me: Book?
Mary: Number the Stars
Me: Mode of Transportation?
Mary: A boys back... I mean a truck
Me: Most awkward moment?
Mary: When I was meeting Mike (the King of Western Swing) He asked me what my name was and where I was from. I had just read a text and it had mentioned something about the Institute, and so I said I was from the Institute.
Me: If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Mary: Alfredo. Hands down... Mary did her hands down quite literally.
Me: If you had to choose different parents other than your own, who would you choose?
Mary: Barrack.. JOKING. Probably my best friend Haley's parents.
Me: Biggest adjustment since coming to college?
Mary: Making my own food. I can't do it!
Me: Favorite trip?
Mary: New York. Hands down, once again.
Me: Favorite Scripture?
Mary: Alma 37:37
Me: Favorite beauty product?
Mary: Mascara
Me: Item of clothing?
Mary: My shoes that have decorations all over them.
Me: Favorite man at Snow College?
Mary: Chance
Me: Favorite thing about Snow thus far?
Mary: Winning football games. It's a nice change from Lehi.
Me: Would you rather die by drowning or by fire?
Mary: Fire
Me: Would you rather just have the whites of your eyes or would you rather have a see-through nose?
Mary: See through eyes
Me: Song that you feel summarizes your life?
Mary: Go Girl by Pitbull
Me: Common nicknames?
Mary: Shawty, Mars, Mare Bear, Crazy
Me: Favorite hobbies and/or pastimes?
Mary: Dance, sleep, eat, facebook, hanging out, kissing, repeat.
Me: If you could be on any TV show, what would it be?
Mary: So you think you can dance.
Me: Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved, or no eyelashes?
Mary: No eyelashes
Me: What is your favorite dance move and why?
Mary: The Two Step, because it is sick looking and you can go down into the splits.
Me: What is your career plan?
Mary: To get married and open up my own dance studio.
Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Mary: Living it up! Not married, maybe married if it was to John
Me: Favorite childhood memory?
Mary: Going to Las Vegas.
Me: What is a saying that you live your life by?
Mary: Never Look Back.
Me: Favorite School subject?
Mary: Physical Education
Me: Favorite restaurant?
Mary: Olive Garden, very tasty place.
Me: Favorite Hotel chain?
Mary: Best Western actually no change that... MARRIOTT.
Me: What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?
Mary: Move to Lehi my Senior year.
Me: Can you think of a moment in your life that changed you and helped shape who you are today?
Mary: When my neice was born. (Mary precedes to walk out of the interview... This has never happened before.)
Me: If you were to describe yourself in 3 words, what would you choose?
Mary: short, short, short.
Me: Biggest pet peeve?
Mary: Stupid drivers
Me: What sort of activities do you anticipate in participating in over Fall Break?
Mary: Hanging out with my best friends from Bountiful, going to some parties, and maybe even 4-wheeling and hunting.
Me: How many pairs of shoes do you think you own?
Mary: 37. She knows that for a fact.
Me: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to be?
Mary: Getting a 4.0 my senior year.
Me: Final words of wisdom?
Mary: Peace out Girl Scout.
Mary is so great. I love our chats on the couch, the way she waves all big when she sees me on campus, her willingness to put herself out there to try new things & the way she is friendly to everyone.

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