Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Introducing Melissa Devitt

Meliss is just the prettiest. Whenever anyone asks who my roommates are, I tell them that Melissa is the pretty red head. Along with being pretty she happens to be very nice as well. We laugh together & share fun stories.
Me: Favorite Color?
Melissa: yellow
Me: food?
Melissa: italian
Me: movie?
Melissa: Ice Age
Me: Book?
Melissa: Don't have one. Don't read. Actually I read a "Child Called It" once, it was sad.
Melissa: Kohls, or Kohlers
Me: Restaurant?
Melissa: Little Italy
Me: Song that you feel sums up your life?
Melissa: Lean on Me
Me: If your life were to be made into a movie, who would you want to play you?
Melissa: Jennifer Aniston
Me: Biggest Accomplishment?
Melissa: I used to be in 4-H... Well actually I have played the piano for 10 years.

Me: Worst Sickness?
Melissa: Eye disease that I had. My eyes constantly shook. I lost lots of weight, but then I gained it all back. It was awful. And now I can shake my eyes on demand. (demonstration occurred.)
Me: Favorite vacation?
Melissa: Florida, with my big sister.
Me: If you could be on any TV reality show, which would you choose?
Melissa: Friends.. I mean Deal or no deal... I mean Fear Factor.
Me: Favorite clothing item?
Melissa: Jackets
Me: Beauty product?
Melissa: Chapstick
Me: Would you rather: give a talk, sing a solo, or give a prayer in General Conference?
Melissa: Prayer.. (uproar of confusion within the apartment)
Me: What has been the hardest thing to adjust from being a High School senior to a College Freshman?
Melissa: Living away from my family
Me: Favorite Scripture?
Melissa: I think it's in Corinthians.. about not being tempted above that which we are able.

Me: A moment/experience that changed your life forever?
Melissa: When my cousin Max died of Leukemia when he was 5.
Me: Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved or no eyelashes?
Melissa:  One eyebrow shaved.
Me: Favorite School Subject?
Melissa: Art
Me: Favorite thing about Snow?
Melissa: friendly people
Me: Most embarrassing Moment?
Melissa: In 6th grade there were two hot cool kids, one day I was riding on my Brother's handle bars on his bike, I flipped over on the handle bars, peed.. followed by many other embarrassing activities...
Me: Biggest support team?
Melissa: My mom and Dad, and older sister and thats good. The whole family.
Me: Would you rather have your knee caps or elbow caps impaled?
Melissa: elbows
Me: What is your biggest aspiration?
Melissa: (unsure of what aspiration means..) Own my own business someday and have a family. My own boutique. Travel the world.
Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Melissa: maybe married.
Me: What is a saying/quote that you live your life by?
Melissa: Never give up what you want most for what you want at the moment.
Me: What is something that most people don't know about you?
Melissa: Well I don't have that many secrets, but I almost died when I was a baby, and I was an Angel baby. Because I rarely cried. And I can look like a frog. (visual ensuing)
Me: Final thoughts.. Words... phrases?
Melissa: Of my life, or right now? I love you guys. A lot. And I am glad you're my roommates. The end.
Isn't she the cutest? I love her. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to live with this cute girl. The more I get to know her, the more I like. I am so blessed to have such good roommates.
Stay tuned next week to meet my final roommate, Mary Bunker.

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