Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holla to Miss Aubrie Tilley

Now that i have completed interviewing my roommates, it's time to interview those on council with me (most of which are unaware that I have a blog.) I have also decided to make this more like a 20 question sort of deal so as not to get too out of hand. For copyright law sake however, my version will be 26 Q's.
Meet Aubrie, the Clubs & Organizations VP here at Snow. Aubrie could hands down be the funniest person I have ever met. This girl is an absolute lunatic, yet so down to earth. She makes you feel so loved, & she happens to be one of the smartest people I know. Anatomy & Physiology are her middle name. Aub loves a good adventure & truly lives life to the fullest. Aubrie & I met one early morning when we both found out we had made Student Government here at Snow College. I knew right then & there we would become the best of friends.
1. Me: Alright Aub, let's get the basic faves out of the way. Color?
Aubrie: purple, like a eggplantish sort of a deep purple.
2.Me: Food?
Aubrie: pass. pass. Enchiladas. Chicken Enchiladas.
3. Me: Book?
Aubrie: The Grapes of Wrath
4. Me: Movie?
Aubrie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
5. Me: Mineral?
Aubrie: Magnesium
6. Me: Plant Vegetation?
Aubrie: Lilly Flowers
7. Me: Let's talk nouns: Person? Place? Thing?
Aubrie: Jesus. Lake Powell/Heaven. Love. Take that Back, I don't want that in there!
8. Me: Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved or no eyelashes?
Aubrie: no eyelashes
9. Me: What is your favorite saying?
Aubrie: Darn tootin. Just kidding. It's "word to your mother."
10. Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Aubrie: A mom/nurse/crafter
11. Me: If you could have any other parents than your own, who would you choose?
Aubrie: Gwen Stefani & Prince Henry
12. Me: Going right along with that, if you could change your name, what would it be?
Aubrie: Rian. R I A N.
13. Me: Favorite on-line place to shop?
Aubrie: Urbanoutfitters.com
14. Me: Favorite vacation hot spot?
Aubrie: Huntington........ Beach. California. Delicious place. I have family there. Warm. not too crowded.
15. Me: Worst sickness?
Aubrie: The hot tingles. Erase that. Let me start over. Chicken Pox was probably pretty rough when I was four, but of sicknesses I could remember I am going to say: Streptococcusaoreus which causes strep throat. I had a fairly bad case of it last spring.
16. Me: biggest accomplishment?
Aubrie: physical exercise. Everytime I do it I feel like I am an olympian. Whether it be completing a loop around the block or finishing a 5-K every time I feel so accomplished.
17. Me: If you could have 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
Aubrie: 1. (without hesitation) Celestial Glory. 2. Everything I have ever wanted. Looks like I don't need a third wish. Alright, 3. The loving spirit of charity.
18. Me: What song best describes your life?
Aubrie: I would have to say Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers, Ashley.
19. Me: Who has most impacted your life?
Aubrie: Jesus. (said in a creepy whisper.) Brandy Larkin Hadfield. No explanation needed.
20. Me: Can you think of a single event in your life that changed you?
Aubrie: Yeah. Three years ago, my Grandma Kay passed away.
21. Me: Favorite & least favorite thing about being on council?
Aubrie: Favorite: The friends, Alex Stoddard, fun times, and Lindsey Field. Least: Time consumption & Alex Stoddard.
22. Me: Favorite Bathroom activity?
Aubrie: going number 1. Showering. I love all bathroom activities, do I have to choose just one?
23. Me: Biggest pet peeve?
Aubrie: when people blow their noses, or when I can hear the passing of nasal fluids through the Nasal activity by human force.
24. Me: What are you afraid of?
Aubrie: Being kidknapped/injured by Strangers. & Voldemort. I am not afraid to say his name.
25. Me: What makes you laugh?
Aubrie: Witty Humor
26. Me: Favorite adventure?
Aubrie: Canoeing.
Me: Final Words?
Aubrie: May this interview be a spring board to an enternal "A" in whatever class you are doing this for. Peace Easy. Love Ya!.. (alt+3) ♥

OH man I love this girl way too much. She is the best thing since sliced bread.


  1. i wish we were roommates because i find this ridiculously entertaining.

  2. I too wish the stars would align in our favor & we could be roommates.
    However, I am looking forward to our lunch date that is in the near future...

  3. Im not complaining but in honest too true goodness how influential or important is sliced bread. knifes? yes. electricity? i think so. indoor plumbing? uhhuh. but presliced bread. i just dont understand that one... i compare it unto "knowing something like that back of your hand" just puzzling.