Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Break of 2010

I'm leaving the crinkly yellow & red leaves behind, along with the first indicators of cold weather in the 84627, & going to St. George with my fam.
I don't think I have ever been so readily excited for a break.
Hiking to Angels Landing at Zions, warm temps, getting our Fall family pictures (not to be confused with Palmer family October pictures) & watching the drama that will unfold inevitably because of that family picture, front row seats for both Tarzan & Crazy For You at the Tuacahn, a stay in a cute condo, dunking my brothers in the nearby pool, finishing my 20 page autobiography, finally having the ability & time to put life aside & read Mockingjay, & getting some quality stress free family time.

If there were a like button somewhere for this vacation, I'd click it.


  1. Ashley, you are so great. I think you need to have a TV show. I would definitely watch. You're entertaining and clever and interesting. I'm going to start coming up for ideas for your show..

    Yeesh, I can't seem to quit commenting on your blog.

  2. Hilary! You, my friend, are the nicest! However, if I were somehow brought onto a TV show I am fairly positive that you would be the only one watching...

    PS Know that I feel like I comment on your blog all the time as well, & that sometimes I restrain myself from commenting simply so I don't seem like a total crazo crack.