Monday, October 25, 2010

Dorm Storming

As Publicity VP at the end of the every month, a little casual, distributing activity/responsibility takes place for the knowledge & convenience of all Snow College Students.
What is this you ask?
I am in charge of taking an updated calendar to each & every dorm & apartment here at Snow College.
Roughly, give or take ten that is 410 calendars.
Luckily I have my awesome committee to help me pass them all out, but I need to prep them so in order they can be distributed.
Sometimes I procrastinate cutting & magnetizing these bad boys so I am left up into the late hours of the night completing them.
 Lucky for me this cute roomie helps me accomplish my tasks.
& then in the midst of our strife we decide to make Carmel Popcorn after midnight,
Better ingredients, Better popcorn. That's the motto here in N-72.
 & cute KaLe serenades us while we slave away over the hot stove...
Sometimes procrastination can lead to apartment domination.

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