Thursday, October 21, 2010

Convocations becomes Convodation

There is a class on Snow College Campus called Convocations.
Every Thursday @ 12:30 a performer, writer, music group comes to Snow College & for the next hour the student enjoys their presentation while filling out a small slip of paper regarding their experience.
Recently, some friends & I decided it would be totally appropriate if not completely necessary to grab a boy within the class & make them our date for the day. Thus Convocations becomes Convo-DATE-tion, get it?
We bring treats & hope for some reciprocally stimulating conversation during the Convocation presentation.
Here we are at our first Convodation, which happened about two weeks ago in which some Celtic singers came & serenaded us with music & the spoken word.
Today author Brandon Sanderson came with a nice brown suede jacket that clashed with his brown loafers in every way possible while he read to us from his newest fictitious literary work. We snacked on Kool-Aid Squeeze it's & delicious Carmel bars.
We killed two birds with one stone when we got a picture with him & our dates.
Notice that he seems to be sort of an independent man by choosing not to put his arms around me or Aubrie.
Can't wait to see what Convodation week 3 brings.

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