Sunday, October 17, 2010

Angels & a Man in a Loin Cloth

Our 4 days in St. George were filled to the brim with recreation, entertainment & fun.
We spent lots of time at the Clubhouse playing with a huge game of chess,
& we also had a fun time deciding which of 5 pools we wanted to go swimming in.
Mom & I went & saw Crazy for You on Thursday night.
It was good except for two things I just couldn't get over.
#1: The usher & man sitting next to me were both probably brushing the same age of a Redwood's tree, both discussed how they would like to kiss me. I told them they were both wildly inappropriate.
#2: The leading lady of the show was visibly pregnant.
The whole time I kept praying that she wouldn't fall & hurt her unborn child.
I am still confused as to why they thought it would be a good idea for the lead (a single-independent-woman type character)
It was strange.
But as always, Tuacahn delivered a talented cast, fun costumes, & sweet sets.
Friday morn we hopped into the Burb & went to Zion's National Park.
Dad, the boys, & I went to conquer Angel's Landing,
I was actually surprised by how easy Angel's Landing was.
I mean it wasn't a flat walk in the park, but it was so fun & totally doable.
If you have never done this, YOU SHOULD!
It was such a beautiful hike! The view was amazing & it was totally worth the sweat & fighting off the demon chipmunks who climbed all over while I tried to enjoy my lunch.
While we hiked Angels, Mom & Rachel spent the day together hiking, adventuring, & looking at whatever tickled their fancy.
After eating a quick dinner at Spencer's favorite In & Out,
we quickly showered & went to watch the closing night of Tuacahn's Tarzan.
This show was amazingly mesmerizing.. It was like Peter Pan on steroids the way they flew around that amphitheater. Everything was perfect. From the vocals, to the creative costumes, to Tarzan's body. I loved the whole thing. We even popped in line after the show for a little meet & greet with the cast.
We got to meet Tarzan both young & Fine, & Jane.
Saturday was filled with Homework during the day (well, at least for me)
& then that night the plan was to go to Texas Roadhouse at 4 (before it got busy) & then we would go to Snow Canyon for Fall Family Pictures.
But, plans changed due to the fact that a BYU game was going on at 4, & we didn't get there as early as we had hoped. I was a starving, annoyed baboon who just wanted to get some quality nourishment.
My hunger pains increased when I found out we would come back to dinner at 8, & we would go & take pictures first.
To say I was unhappy is a politically correct description of how I acted whilst we were taking our pictures.
All became well with my universe once more when we finally went back to The Roadhouse & I dined on Steak, fries & a house salad.
I love my family so much & I am so grateful for fun parents who plan vacations like this for us to all enjoy together.

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