Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Western Swing.

If you go to Snow College, you have inevitably heard of the craze called Western Swing.
After all, we do live in quite the rural little town, & this activity is more than appropriate.
Last year, my friend Darren & I attended a couple of times. But we were honestly fish quite out of water due to the fact that we knew none of the dance moves like the cowboy cha cha or the pretzel. This time around, Jace & I jumped in with both feet & decided to go big or go home.
& then I frantically stalked Jacee & Mr. Country Swing himself--Michael Green. Those two dancing together were practically a dream. (unintentional rhyme.)
& then we made friends with another Mike who was as confused & bemused by the whole Country Swing atmosphere as we were.
So, Yes, we went big & then went home.

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