Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Katie.

I am so glad that this cute girl was born 20 years ago.
But, we began her birth celebration just before the stroke of midnight. 
Our cute neighbs helped us kidnap her, at first she was somewhat reluctant,
but, as we set out to get Snow Cremes, Katie warmed up to the whole idea.
I think it helped that we found a real life "Deedra"
After getting home at a somewhat late hour, we decided it would be wise to hit the sack because it would be parent Sunday & we have 9:30 am church.
Church was a real fun treat to have my parents supporting me & to just spend time with them. I love them so much.
Before Katie's cute parents hit the road, but before they did so KaLee gave her final Karaoke tribute which included most of her favorite songs.
We ate a delicious dinner all together,
& then invited all of our neighbs, friends, & even casual acquaintances over for some quality dessert time.
I am so glad I am roomies with Katie. She makes me want to be better each day. I would write and rave all about the great person that she is, but she will be interviewed this week for Tuesday Times, so I will save it & avoid being repetitious.
All in all, a great Sunday time I'd say.

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