Monday, September 13, 2010

Cindy Crawford

Today, I have been made fun of left & right.
A small chain affect has altered my face for the time being.
Want to hear the timeline?
Thursday, a pimple/zit popped onto my face.
Saturday, said pimple/zit became a patch of dry skin, & I just tore it off like it was a perforated page in a child's notebook. 
Sunday, the irritated piece of skin became a scab a lab.

Monday, people/coworkers/classmates/roommates/professors/groundkeeper/coaches/librarian/etc. stare at my scab which has been dubbed an overnight mole while talking to me. People who don't know me (and even those that do) think I am trying to be Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Lauper by making a "fashion statement" with the said facial adornment.
For now, I will live with the shame that this scab/mole/beauty mark brings me.


  1. this definitely made my day. i think you are beautiful.

  2. oh dear. so sorry to hear about that dreadful dry-patch. I seem to have a garden of dry patches accumulating on my forehead. It is no pleasant circumstance. Glad to know someone knows how I feel in this scabby-beauty mark journey

  3. Meg- you are beautiful.
    Erin- Thank goodness I am not the only one who deals with such a vast epidemic. It really is a problem & makes you feel very self conscious, does it not?!