Monday, September 27, 2010

China Ruins My Life.

So Homecoming Week.
I know you are sick of hearing about it.
But, it's all I think about.
& this blog reflects that.
I just want the week to be really good.
My dreams are consumed with the nightmares of shanky shams of activities.
Literally every night I wake up in a cold sweat & I roll over & write down some little detail that I forgot.
Publicity for Homecoming is going really well.
From the wild success Positive Confusion to the huge letters that will be coming soon.
However, little gifts are always a good way to publicize. 
I wanted to get some silicone wrist bands or tattoos with the Homecoming logo on it.
But, what is stopping me?
Some sort of Chinese holiday is taking place right now.
(Here's an example of what I am talking about)
Please Note: All ink injected, embossed, 1 inch bands and printed bands will be affected by a Chinese holiday. Most orders that are placed between Sept 27th to Oct 6th will not arrive by the time frame on the invoice. We are truly sorry for the delay and please call us for further questions.
I'm sorry, what? 
There are bracelets to be embossed & temporary tattoos to be applied. 
You can't go on vacation.
But, apparently the world doesn't revolve around me & they can.
So if Homecoming doesn't work out I will be like the rest of the world & blame my problems on someone else (just like do in this song)
Not really, but I will hold a grudge against the Chinese & their week & a half holidays.

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