Saturday, September 4, 2010

All About Me.

For my Courtship & Marriage class, we have a hefty assignment to complete within one month's time. 20 pages, single spaced all about me, & my history. The ups, the downs, the good, bad, ugly, wonderful, exciting, awkward, boring... all of it. It seems pretty daunting. 
One of my goals this year is to not put off tomorrow what can & should be done today. So that is exactly why I will stop chit chatting & boring you & start this paper right this second.
T-20 pages, here I come.


  1. Please be sure to include the wonderful years of voice lessons you received from a highly qualified teacher...:)

  2. Ahh Sarah, you know I will be including many paragraphs about our time together in your living room & I will throw in some comments about singing the Nasty... & other memorable one liners.