Thursday, September 30, 2010

Give Us This Day...

...Our Daily Bread.
This is all I ate today.
That's right, just a simple slab of wheat bread.
Not even toasted, just straight from the fridge (to keep the loaf from molding.)
Sometimes food, homework, a date, living a normal life, & sanity get put on the line when Homecoming week starts in >4 days.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stress & Delegation

I have honestly never felt like more of a failure until this very moment.
I seriously feel physically ill.
I don't know what to do.
All I do is try & stay afloat with all I have to do in Student Life.
But it is never enough.
You know the feeling?
Homecoming Publicity needs to be up in less than 24 hours.
& it isn't ready.
I am quickly learning I am a perfectionist & practically incapable of delegating to others.
Everyone is busy, & I don't want to put anyone out.
I need to stop.
Things don't always need to be done my way.
Oh gosh. Somebody help me!

However, it might have taken us nearly 4 hours, but we got the "S" on the mountain lit tonight!
Thank goodness that our test run was a success.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Say Hello to Katelyn Allred.

Now that this cute girl has reached the ripe old age of 20, & has two decades of wisdom to share with us, I think it is high time she be featured as part of Tuesday Times.
Me: Let's start with favorites. Color?
Katie: turqoise, or yellow. I like them both. They are both favorites.
Me: Animal
Katie: flamingo. a pink flamingo.
Me: Vegetable?
Katie: Broccoli. Corn on the cob is also delightful. However, with Broccoli I need my mayo/soy sauce concaution. Squeezable mayo.
Me: (cringing from the last answer) Mineral?
Katie: Diamonds. 14 carot gold.

Me: Fictional character?
Katie: Katniss from Hunger Games. OH MY GOSH. Toff from Avatar. Yep, Toff. Or Opa. 
Me: If you had to grab something from your burning home, what would it be?
Katie: My journal/scriptures. In all honesty. 
Me: If you had to choose different parents, who would they be?
Katie: Billy Ray Cyrus. He would be my Dad. Or Lisa & Ray from Sister, Sister. Or Joey, Jesse & Danny from Full House. Uncle Phil & Aunt Villian from Fresh Prince. And last but not least, Mother Teresa & Ghandi.
Me: If your life was made into a movie, who would you want to play you?
Katie: Audrey Hepburn.
Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Katie: Married to a billionare. No I don't care about money. But really a mom. Living the American dream. Popping out babies.
Me: What is your wildest dream?
Katie: I want to be in the Guniess Book of World Records for something great. Like eating. Something cool.
Me: Favorite book?
Katie: The Hunger Games.
Me: Song?
Katie: Walka Walka. 
Me: TV show?
Katie: The office.
Me: Fashion tip?
Katie: Don't dress like KaLee Mortensen. 
Me: Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved, or no eyelashes?
Katie: One eyebrow shaved.
Me: If someone were to write your life story, what would the title be?
Katie: My Sister Makes Tacos. 
Me: Can you tell us a little bit of history on your "lamb" Deedra?
Katie: (audible sigh) Deedra came to me one dark night when my parents came home from Ireland. I was roughly 9 years old. She is been there for me through my rough times and my happy. She has cried and laughed with me. She kept my darkest secrets.
Me: Favorite scripture?
Katie: 2 Nephi 22:2
Me: What saying do you live your life by?
Katie: Love the life you live, Live the life you love.
Me: Can you think of a moment in your life that changed you & made you who you are today?
Katie: The day we lost the State Tournament. 
Me: What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Katie: riding my bike outside, (rather than inside?), playing my guitar, playing with my nieces.
Me: What is easy for you?
Katie: making rice. eating with chopsticks. 
Me: What is hard for you?
Katie: confrontation.
Me: If you only had 5 & a 1/2 months to live, what would you FOR SURE do?
Katie: travel the world to all the places, Meet all the people I could, try all the different kinds of food there are, go to Paris, DisneyLand, spend time with my family, friends & the people who love me the most.
Me: What is your favorite thing about Snow thus far?
Katie: n-72. The Shady Shank.
Me: If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Katie: Quesadillas, with un-cooked Tortillas.
Me: If you had to choose one animal or vegetative life to be stuck to your rib cage, what would you choose?
Katie: nothing slimy, or creepily furry, or too large, a blue bird. 
Me: How are you feeling about being Relief Society president in the YSA Ephraim 2nd Stake 9th ward?
Katie: (exasperation written across her face.) A little overwhelmed, but with the Lord it is all possible.
Me: Advice, final thoughts, etc.
Katie: KaLee was never meant to be a dancer. 
Make the best of whatever you have-- Come What may & love it.
Go. Fight. Win.
Oh my gosh. I love Katie Allred. She is so good. She makes me want to be better everyday. What an example! She is not only so good, she is funny. What a perfect blend. I look up to her & admire her so much. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

China Ruins My Life.

So Homecoming Week.
I know you are sick of hearing about it.
But, it's all I think about.
& this blog reflects that.
I just want the week to be really good.
My dreams are consumed with the nightmares of shanky shams of activities.
Literally every night I wake up in a cold sweat & I roll over & write down some little detail that I forgot.
Publicity for Homecoming is going really well.
From the wild success Positive Confusion to the huge letters that will be coming soon.
However, little gifts are always a good way to publicize. 
I wanted to get some silicone wrist bands or tattoos with the Homecoming logo on it.
But, what is stopping me?
Some sort of Chinese holiday is taking place right now.
(Here's an example of what I am talking about)
Please Note: All ink injected, embossed, 1 inch bands and printed bands will be affected by a Chinese holiday. Most orders that are placed between Sept 27th to Oct 6th will not arrive by the time frame on the invoice. We are truly sorry for the delay and please call us for further questions.
I'm sorry, what? 
There are bracelets to be embossed & temporary tattoos to be applied. 
You can't go on vacation.
But, apparently the world doesn't revolve around me & they can.
So if Homecoming doesn't work out I will be like the rest of the world & blame my problems on someone else (just like do in this song)
Not really, but I will hold a grudge against the Chinese & their week & a half holidays.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Katie.

I am so glad that this cute girl was born 20 years ago.
But, we began her birth celebration just before the stroke of midnight. 
Our cute neighbs helped us kidnap her, at first she was somewhat reluctant,
but, as we set out to get Snow Cremes, Katie warmed up to the whole idea.
I think it helped that we found a real life "Deedra"
After getting home at a somewhat late hour, we decided it would be wise to hit the sack because it would be parent Sunday & we have 9:30 am church.
Church was a real fun treat to have my parents supporting me & to just spend time with them. I love them so much.
Before Katie's cute parents hit the road, but before they did so KaLee gave her final Karaoke tribute which included most of her favorite songs.
We ate a delicious dinner all together,
& then invited all of our neighbs, friends, & even casual acquaintances over for some quality dessert time.
I am so glad I am roomies with Katie. She makes me want to be better each day. I would write and rave all about the great person that she is, but she will be interviewed this week for Tuesday Times, so I will save it & avoid being repetitious.
All in all, a great Sunday time I'd say.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

As Sisters in Zion...

 ...we'll all go together.
I am so glad that my roommates & I all went to the Relief Society broadcast together.
We were filled with Cafe Rio Salads (!!!!!!!)
& then spiritually fed by the general Relief Society presidency & our prophet.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Sometimes Tucker invites me to go to U.S.A. meetings with him so I have to skip all my Friday classes.
& then we took the scenic route home.
Shortly after my arrival back into the 84627, cute Heath invited me over for waffles.
Not going to a full day of class followed by a stomach full of fruity waffles. 
Fridays are the best.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Karaoke in N-72.

I think the following pictures say it all:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Free Dinners are the Best Dinners.

Tonight, President Wyatt & his Cabinet invited us over for dinner.
It was delicious catered food, delightful conversation, & when it was all over I quite literally made everyone get together for a group picture.
 & no meeting/dinner party would be complete without Hayden showing off.
Love it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet KaLee Mortensen.

KaLee Mortensen hails from the Pleasant Grove, Utah. She is an incredible artist, has the most contagious laugh out of anyone I know, & is one of the happiest, optimistic people you will ever associate with.
I just love her.
Me: Let's begin with your favorites. Favorite color?
KaLee: purple
Me: If you had to eat some food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
KaLee: String Cheese
Me: Favorite book?
KaLee: Of Mice and Men
Me: Favorite Movie?
KaLee: Rocketman.
Me: Favorite Scripture?
KaLee: D&C 98:1-3
Me: Favorite workout 
KaLee: I enjoy workout videos. Turbo Jam- THAT'S IT! I love Her.
Me: Favorite Hotel Chain?
KaLee: The Hilton. Good ol Hiltons. No, really. I like those.
Me: Ideal vacation spot?
KaLee: I would love to see the Berlin Wall. WAIT!!!! (panic evident in her voice) The Wall was torn down. I would love to see Berlin. Just Berlin.
Me: Favorite school subject?
KaLee: Art. Enough said.
Me: Favorite mascot?
KaLee: Staying true to Snow College-- The Badger. (side note: go Vikes!)
Me: Favorite beauty product you can't go without?
KaLee: chapstick. Or my lips would get crusty crusts.
Me: Favorite clothing item?
KaLee: Nike Shoes. That's right, Sea green Nike Shoes.
Me: Let's talk about Ross. You are the biggest advocate for that place. Give me a sales pitch.
KaLee: Ross greatest store on earth. You can't beat the prices, Clothing is high quality, Mexican workers are nice and kind, shoes galore, and you always leave with a smile on your face.
Me: What song explains your life?
KaLee: Just my Imagination by The Temptations. That is me to a T.
Me: If your life were to be a movie, who would you like to play you?
KaLee: I don't think anyone could live up to me or my standards, but if I had to pick, Halle Berry. Nope. uhh. Beyonce. She would do a pretty good job.
Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
KaLee: Dancing up on bars. (Laughter) Going to school, living life, maybe married. Whatever comes, comes. I would like to own a car. A jeep to be specific. Maybe a mission.
Me: What are your biggest aspirations/dreams?
KaLee: Do what I love for the rest of my life. Be happy. Happiness is my dream. I want to ride an electric bull. I would also like to meet Shawn White. 
Me: If you only had 6 months to live, what would you do FOR SURE?
KaLee: Ride on the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland as many times as I could, hang out with my closest friends & family, play the piano, & eat a lot of peppermint Ice Cream.
Me: If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?
KaLee: Tiger Lilly.
Me: Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved, or no eyelashes?
KaLee: No Eyelashes.
Me: If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?
KaLee: I make Strawberry Brownies.
Me: What was your favorite part of Elementary School?
KaLee: swinging on the swings.
Me: What is your favorite thing about Snow College?
KaLee: How Homey it is. (laughter?)
Me: Who is your biggest support team?
KaLee: My family. Elliot, my stuffed animal.
Me: Can you think of a moment in your life that changed you and made you who you are today?
KaLee: The trek. The woman's pull. Like p-u-l-l.
Me: What quote or saying do you live your life by?
KaLee: Do your best, and forget the rest. (Got that from a P-90X video.)
Me: Final words, advice....
KaLee: God speed Elder.

Ahh KaLe. I love that she let's me call her KaLe. There is nothing I love more than when the sound of her laughter is stuck in my head. She is one in a million & she makes me want to be a better person. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

2 Weeks.

This is what some refer to as positive confusion.
This large plywood will serve as some pre-publicity for Homecoming.
Whilst it is up I will still try to convince myself that this REALLY is only in 2 weeks...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Caves & Geeks

This weekend was quite the success:
Most of the crew in the cave that we hiked to in Maple Canyon.
Last picture before the tragic death of my camera.
Which I am still not quite over.
Here are Katie & I taking pictures on her MacBook after the Geeked out dance.
We both wore our Calculus T's which just adds an extra Geek level, don't you think?