Friday, August 27, 2010

Triple Date.

On Tuesday when Benny, Kev, & Dare popped into the 84627, 
we hopped into A-1 Steakhouse (Aubrie's Subaru Outback) & went on a triple date.
Firstly, we took couple pictures.
Darren & Mandalee.
Kev& Ash.
Bent & Aub. (with A1 in the background)
These three cute little pre-mission men treated us to some pizza at the gallery
After each couple went around the table & said what they loved most about each other, it was time to go to the AC & see Comedy Sportz
We got front row seats,
& yelled out emotions like "Gangster Thug" or one sentences like "is that your breath or did you just fart?"
Good job boys.
Thanks for coming down one last time to Eph before you head out on your ecclesiastical sojourns.
We will miss you!!

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