Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sometimes Life Gives me Lemons.

This morning I received horrible, horrible news.
I found out that I apparently live in a delusional world.
I found out that I lost my academic scholarship by .4.
I thought I needed a 3.70 cumulative GPA, but apparently I needed a 3.75.
It's so close it kills me. 
I don't know how to make lemonade out of this one.
I feel this pit in my stomach that literally makes me sick.
As I drove to work I said a prayer in my heart to Heavenly Father.
I prayed really hard.
But I didn't really feel any comfort.
I arrived work thoroughly depressed.
Not even my co-workers trying to take stalker pictures of me,
or Ashley G. doing dance moves for me with her towel tutu around her waist could cheer me up.
As I sat twisting lights my co-workers came out with cupcakes, cards, & my favorite treats as they sang Happy Birthday.
I looked around utterly confused.
I asked Camilla if it was her birthday & I was just out of the loop.
She looked at me like I was an idiot as she kept singing.
Turns out they were just choosing to celebrate mine 8 days early.
Aren't they nice?
(except Skyler who thinks bunny ears are hilarious..)
After all the excitement was over & we went back to work on the lights, I felt this overwhelming feeling of peace & love.
I don't know how my financial problem is going to be solved, but I know my Heavenly Father loves me & everything will work out.
I'm so grateful for that.

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  1. You're such an inspiration to me of how to always look on the bright side. I am going to miss you Miss Helga Palmer, please let us get together soon and reminisce on better times!