Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sacrament Success

I would like to relate a new realization I had just a mere week ago.
It was Sunday, a day very much like today.
I went through the regular routine.
Get up whenever the heck I want.
Read the Sunday paper. (one of my very favorite Sunday activities)
Take a shower.
Dress & deodorize.
& so on, & so on.
As we know, the main reason we go to church is to partake of the Sacrament.
As this ordinance was taking place & the priesthood holder brought the tray around & held it our for me to partake.
Pause the partaking & let's talk of something that relates.
You know when you are so set on your routine, & you do something so often, you don't even take time to think about thinking outside of the box?
Now as your contemplating that food for thought, let's go back to the moment before I partook of the bread.
I usually reach for the crusty crust piece that is anything but yummy or fluffy.
But then a thought entered my mind. 
It was one of those lightbulb moments. & it was probably an 80 watt bulb. at least.
"You know what? If I want, I can take that yummy piece of bread. I don't HAVE to eat that piece of bread that I hate tasting every time!!! I can actually enjoy my morsel of bread while thinking about why I am taking it. What a novel concept you smart girl... you. Give yourself a pat on the knee!"
(which I did.)
I know what you're thinking.
"Well DUH Ash, come on now! What have you been doing these past 18 years?"
I really don't have an answer, but all I know is, this really was an AHA moment for me.
I'm going to start breaking the norm of my life & do what I want.
This new realization is the first step.
I'm saying good-bye to the crusty crusts & hello to the fluffy fluffs.
Challenge your Process.
Whether that be trying to put your toilet paper on a different way,
or if you usually turn on the water before getting in the shower, try getting in the shower first & then turn on the water.
Shake up your world.
Happy Sunday.
Also--Happy 20th Birthday to my cousin Fritz. 
Where did the time go? How is he so old?

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