Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Weird Because I Hate Good-byes.

You know those people that you have known so long you can't imagine your life without them?
That's Darren Walker for me.
Darren & I have been best friends since we were probably 6 or so.
Before he moved into the GC 6th Ward, we were on the same T-ball team.
When he moved 4 houses down the street from me, we found out our birthdays are 10 days apart.
We have been in the same Sunday School class all of our lives.
We have a million inside jokes.
My sister Rachel HATES him.
We were baptized on the same day.
Last year, not only were Darren & I in the same ward at college, but he lived right upstairs from me.
(Holla to Snow Gardens crappy building A!)
But of course, the time has come for him to hit the road & go on his mission.
He will be serving in the Washington Seattle mission.
His talk today showed that he is ready.
He is going to grow, love his mission, & change lives through the gospel.
I can't wait to hear about all of his adventures.

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  1. I was so sad I couldn't go to his farewell...I'm tending a 2 year old who HATES sacrament, so I missed his talk :( I'm glad you were able to make it up for it though!
    ps leinweber as your tball coach. I think I just fell on the ground laughing.