Friday, August 20, 2010

The Golden One.

The day of my birth started out with Aub waking me & then informing me she couldn't wait to see me in my birthday suit.
Due to the fact that Tucker had obligations up North, he called me that morn & sang me a little Spanish birthday tune. He then sent his most sincere apologies that he would be missing my special day.
Various friends called, facebooked, & texted me telling me Happy 1-9.
(thanks everyone!)
Council would erupt in Happy Birthday tunes spontaneously & had the whole GSC wishing me a happy birthday.
We all went to Gandolfo's for lunch,
Camrie & Aubrie insisted I have a staring contest with them,
which was strange.
Then the next thing i knew not only were my eyes burning & watering loads of balloons were being bopped around my head.
& then Hayden gifted me with an "utter-ly" hilarious balloon.
(pun, unintentional)
Later in the day, Lindsey (director of Student life) told us we were going on a field trip & to get into a line.
We toured some things within the GSC.
After it was over, Whitney practically forced me to go to the bathroom with her.
We were there for an unnecessary allotment of time.
From drying our hands under the fans for an unhealthy 9 or so minutes,
to fixing spandex,
I thought we were never going to get out of that public arena.
Once we got up to Student Life, everything was pitch black.
I walked in, & everyone jumped out of their places & screamed surprise followed by a happy birthday chorus for the ump-teenth  time.
I blew out all of my candles upon my ice cream turtle pie in one whopping breath.
My friends on council are the best.
My family came down to take me to buy lots of groceries & to eat dinner & such.
(turtle pie number 2, delicious!)
Late at night, more surprises showed up on the doorstep of N-72.
Two girls, one black & one white showed up baring gifts.
really cute gifts, if you can't tell from my facial expressions.
Thanks for the cute birthday suit ladies.
apparently the ugly shirt & disgusting jeans make me smile like a hyena.
You buy me ugly clothes, I will take pictures of you in the dark thanks to my flash.
All in all, my birthday was so good.
I have the greatest family & friends.

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