Saturday, August 28, 2010

Games with Burns & Sprinklers.

Today was the first home football game of the season,
Here is cute Kaitlyn showcasing her badger pride
What time is it?
Game time!
But what comes along with a game that is 3 hours long?
Well for mine & Katie's skin, some serious sunburns were to be had.
But at least the badger's pulled through with a 80+ point victory.
(tired eyes & sunburned skin does not make for a cute picture.)
Steven Stucki & The Latest Mouth gave a great concert.
During their encore the sprinklers turned on & their was a mad dash to duck & cover either yourself,
or the expensive speakers & other equipment.
Luckily all of the equipment was fine & Steven & crew were able to finish their final song.
Here we are practically forcing the band to take a picture with us,
& some more of that.
All in all, a successful Saturday.

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