Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frozen Yog & Other Current Events.

I love, love that Frozen Yogurt is making a comeback. 
I hear it was a big thing in the 90's & with businesses popping up left & right I couldn't be happier.
I seriously go to get this delectable treat at least once a week.
If a new shop opens up, I grab a friend & we go try it out.
Sometimes my sister Rachel begs me to let me accompany her to wherever I am going.
Recently my Mom asked me to run to get bacon & wax from Macey's & Taylor Maid, respectively.
Before heading home, I had Rachel try out self-serve frozen yogurt for the first time. Needless to say she LOVED it.
(the yogurt Rach & I shared. It had everything & a bag of chips on top.)
After I blogged yesterday, I heard on both the radio & news that Prop 8 in California was overturned because of one judge. 
Interesting that millions of people vote, Prop 8 wins, but one man can flick his wrist & change all that.
It's another example that there really is power in ONE.
I know sometimes I think that I can't make a change, after all, I am just Ashley from Pleasant Grove who attends Snow College who likes to occasionally read the dictionary & thesaurus, who hates to sweep floors with a passion, & who really enjoys eating a fresh cooked tortilla.
But, that's just it, I can be a change!
It's our choice whether we take our power of one, & use it for good, or bad.
Today I pledge to be a good change.
I know I will be watching to see what happens with Prop 8 once it heads to the big leagues-- The Supreme Court.

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