Monday, August 16, 2010

Extravagant Luck.

Kayloni & I, (better known as Pres & Elder Vice)
are creeps.
We have been accused of it,
& we acknowledge & readily accept this little fact of life.
We take joy & find happiness in harmless, hilarious practical jokes.
So sue us.
We just like shaking people's peace a little bit.
Since Kayloni's father Steven Hadley is a manager down at the Wynnsong movie theater in Provo, we get into movies for free.
(money in the bank.)
A little tradition we have taken up before we hit up whatever film we have decided to watch for the week, we usually do a little drive by/walk by down past the MTC.
I know what you are thinking--Creepy!!
(But, in all fairness, you were warned.)
This past week it was our last time to participate in this tradition before I packed up my life & moved down to Snow once more.
We have never seen anyone we knew & we weren't really expecting to.
We did our usual photo session outside the Provo Temple,
& pretended like we wanted to jump the MTC gates,
As we walked past the MTC, I informed Kayloni that she must stand on the inside (closest to the Training Center) so that if anyone would see us that we by some chance had been acquainted with, they would notice us due to the fact that K's dred's are sort of unique.
Our walk past the MTC & through the next cross walk were mostly uneventful. 
We made it a few more paces to our car, & then we heard the most lovely sound.
There, in the almost dark we heard:
We turned around with our jaws touching Jupiter & Antarctica they were so wide.
We made our way back to the crosswalk to see who was screaming our names.
& There he was.
Elder Williams in the flesh.
So say we were elated is an understatement.
We practically ran to him & were nearly hit by a car, twice.
But, we didn't care.
Elder Levi Williams & his companion, Elder Palmieri, were there to greet us.
As you can tell, they couldn't touch us, so we just stood there awkwardly with the biggest grins our face's could muster while some nearby running girls stopped & took our picture.
We all chatted for a few moments, & then the Elder's departed back into the MTC.
Kayloni & I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the night.
We felt like the luckiest people alive.
It was a summertime miracle.
We eventually left Eat, Pray, Love early because we were just too happy to be stuck in the confines of a theater.
In the words of Dan Weisher: "Impossible is nothing."

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