Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is Love?

Love is when a "secret admirer(s)" leaves you flowers on your desk.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Grime Slime.

Sometimes when I go on a bike ride in the back country of Ephraim with the roommates, I get caught in a wind storm. My teeth become consumed with dirt specks & other brown elements. Naturally once I am home safe & sound I grab my nearest commodity, my viking T to get rid of the grime & slime that is coated along my front, k-9, & all my other neighboring teeth. 
Thanks viking T. You always deliver.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday McKay!!

Dear McKay,
Today you are the sweet 16.
How are you so old to be ready for the double D?
Driving & Dating that is.
And another thing, how is it possible that you are practically taller than me?!
It seems just like yesterday I wanted Mom to get rid of you so I bit your back as hard as I could, & a mole grew in it's place.
Or one of my finest life moments when I mixed up a make-up concoction & told you to drink it simply because I was a little girl with a messed up sense of humor?
I think it is sort of a miracle that we are such good friends & that you even like me. 
We have so much fun together, & you are probably the nicest, sweetest person all wrapped up in one package that I know. You are hilarious & always keeps me laughing. I had lots of fun with you this past summer, & I want you to know how much you mean to me. 
Happy Birthday McKay!!!
I hope all of your wildest dreams come true, because you deserve all the best that life has to offer.
I will be calling you soon.
I love you.
Love, Ashley

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Games with Burns & Sprinklers.

Today was the first home football game of the season,
Here is cute Kaitlyn showcasing her badger pride
What time is it?
Game time!
But what comes along with a game that is 3 hours long?
Well for mine & Katie's skin, some serious sunburns were to be had.
But at least the badger's pulled through with a 80+ point victory.
(tired eyes & sunburned skin does not make for a cute picture.)
Steven Stucki & The Latest Mouth gave a great concert.
During their encore the sprinklers turned on & their was a mad dash to duck & cover either yourself,
or the expensive speakers & other equipment.
Luckily all of the equipment was fine & Steven & crew were able to finish their final song.
Here we are practically forcing the band to take a picture with us,
& some more of that.
All in all, a successful Saturday.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Triple Date.

On Tuesday when Benny, Kev, & Dare popped into the 84627, 
we hopped into A-1 Steakhouse (Aubrie's Subaru Outback) & went on a triple date.
Firstly, we took couple pictures.
Darren & Mandalee.
Kev& Ash.
Bent & Aub. (with A1 in the background)
These three cute little pre-mission men treated us to some pizza at the gallery
After each couple went around the table & said what they loved most about each other, it was time to go to the AC & see Comedy Sportz
We got front row seats,
& yelled out emotions like "Gangster Thug" or one sentences like "is that your breath or did you just fart?"
Good job boys.
Thanks for coming down one last time to Eph before you head out on your ecclesiastical sojourns.
We will miss you!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Once upon a time, freshman orientation at Snow College was taking place & I was watching it all play out from the sidelines.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear? 
A blonde haired version of Frank from the Bachelorette popped up out of thin air!
I told my fellow council men & women of my discovery,
& they reacted as though I had slightly lost my mind.
I insisted that this was the long lost look alike, & that it was imperative that he be tracked down. I decided right then & there that this would be my mission, to find this Frank & snap a shot with him. 
That night as I was getting ready to go on a little triple date (more info on this soon) This Frank twin of sorts appeared on my doorstep!
Frank aka Clayton asked what he could do to make himself seem more Frank-y. (He has never watched the Bachelorette) We informed him if he could get a slight chip in his tooth & perspire slightly out of control then he would be a dream.
Needless to say, Clayt is now my new best friend.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Day of School

Who doesn't love the 1st day of School?
Picking out your outfit & getting opinions the night before is a must & pictures as you head out on your way, are absolutely necessary as well.
Take a look at the inhabitants of N-72:
& I decided as the day went on it would be totally appropriate if not completely necessary to take pictures of passers by that I knew so I could capture that 1st day of school spirit:
I also requested that the spirit of the first day be captured within my 12:30 hour.
group 1: no spirit.
group 2: on the brink of being wildly inappropriate.
Day 1 @ Snow College, Success.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visitors & More Arrivals.

Tonight, all the inhabitants of N-72 will rest peacefully under the same roof.
For you see, these two arrived:
Also, these three showed up on my doorstep!
Yep. Isn't Ephraim lucky?!
More on why they came & what activities we participated in tomorrow.

Monday, August 23, 2010

She's Here!

Do I need to sleep in a lonely room by myself?
No I do not.
For you see, Jacee Hardman has arrived.
Matching smiles & almost matching bed spreads is a recipe for success.
Let the fun of Snow College 2010-2011 begin.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Weird Because I Hate Good-byes.

You know those people that you have known so long you can't imagine your life without them?
That's Darren Walker for me.
Darren & I have been best friends since we were probably 6 or so.
Before he moved into the GC 6th Ward, we were on the same T-ball team.
When he moved 4 houses down the street from me, we found out our birthdays are 10 days apart.
We have been in the same Sunday School class all of our lives.
We have a million inside jokes.
My sister Rachel HATES him.
We were baptized on the same day.
Last year, not only were Darren & I in the same ward at college, but he lived right upstairs from me.
(Holla to Snow Gardens crappy building A!)
But of course, the time has come for him to hit the road & go on his mission.
He will be serving in the Washington Seattle mission.
His talk today showed that he is ready.
He is going to grow, love his mission, & change lives through the gospel.
I can't wait to hear about all of his adventures.