Friday, July 23, 2010

The Year was 1972...

Say Hello to what is probably the biggest eyesore on 1050 East.
There it is folks.
That is the 100 horsepower, (manufactured in 1972!) boat that we the Palmer family are the not-necessarily-proud-owners of. Sometimes we take it out on the lake. Sometimes we remember while stranded in the middle of the lake why this isn't such a good idea. And other times the boat works just fine & we don't care that it is probably one of the most ghetto things any eye has ever looked upon. 
Lucky for us, it was one of those really fun times on the lake & we were all able to tube to our hearts content.
Do you have a clothing item that no matter how many ways or times you wear it, you always, always look awesome? Well once upon a time, my Dad bought an aqua shirt with Palm trees on it while he was in Dallas, Texas. It became an instant family favorite. I love it so much my Dad took it out of his cedar chest & passed it along to me. 
I am sure we will all agree, the only time fashion should take a back seat is when someone's safety is on the line.
But, as you can tell, when I hold up the flag for safety purposes, safety takes the back seat while I am wearing such a cute shirt.
Gall, I hate it when that happens.
It was my mission to try & make this clothing piece look ugly on this trip. However, I just couldn't do it, no matter what way I wore it. 
Whether wearing it just like your run of the mill shirt,
or as hat type #1,
or use the collar to make a brim for hat #2, it always looked cute & fashionable!
Now, I know you all have your favorite clothing item, pray tell me, what do you always wear to feel your best?
So as you can see, we had a great time tubing all together for the first time this season.
We know our boat won't ever be featured as part of a j. crew ad, but we have a good time on it, & that's what matters.
I am so lucky to have such a fun family.

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