Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Willy Wonk.

A couple of night's ago, Levi & I hit up the Scera's production of Willy Wonka: The Musical.
While the singing & acting wasn't exactly fit for the Broadway stage, it was surprisingly good compared to the 3 other plays I saw there last year. (note for the Scera crew, stick to doing these type of shows. Dramatic tragedies should never be performed in this venue.) 
After the show Levi was leaping & gallivanting around practically knocking the people over to get a picture with them.
From the memorable Augustus Gloop,
To Mr. Charlie (who we found out is Pleasant Grove alumni),
And then Grandpa George stepped away from his Posse to join in our meet & greet the characters.
(this Grandpa must be like the ultimate Scera collectible item. He has been in numerous shows, & for fear I will offend someone that knows him, I will refrain from typing what I really think of his acting abilities.)
And of course, we literally stalked down the title role character himself,
Mr. Magical--Willy Wonka.
Not getting a picture with him would have been like going to Disneyland & not seeing Mickey Mouse.
We were elated to finally seize him & snap a candid shot.
All in all I was pleasantly pleased at the entertainment that Willy Wonka delivered.


  1. Oh, how I love Levi and his enthusiasm for life.