Friday, July 30, 2010

Temple Time.

Yesterday Kenz spontaneously called me & said we should go do baptisms in the Salt Lake Temple. My Grandma had some names done, so we took those & hit the road.
It might be wrong to pick a favorite temple (if so just call me Sacrilegious Sarah), but I LOVE this temple. It's by far my favorite. I had never have the opportunity to go inside the doors & it was as beautiful inside as I imagined.
(sometimes we lack facial features)
Kenzie had specific "hopes" for going, & I just love the spirit I feel within those sacred walls.
We entered the temple & were told to go around to the flag pole & look for a button & we would be able to enter. After lots of confusion, we finally walked into a nearby corridor & found the button.
Once inside the temple, we removed our shoes, & made our way into the labyrinth of hallways. We were given two suits, & 3 (?) pairs of socks. Upon our arrival into the baptismal font to wait our turn we noticed that we needed white scrunchies. We returned & realized we needed strips of paper with our last name on them. Moments before it was our turn to perform this ordinance, we also realized we needed special little holders for the names we had brought. We bypassed the idea of leaving & entering once more.
It was an adventure to say the least.
Kenz & I completed all 14 names & were grateful for the opportunity to go to this beautiful place. I loved the peace I felt during the confirmations & the spirit of Elijah touched me.
(sweet old lady wearing what seems to be an old fashioned wedding dress?)
Upon arrival to Kenzie's home, I realized I lost these:
I can only figure I somehow left them at the temple.
If you go to the SLC Temple or stop by the lost & found at the Conference Center & find these please call: 
Thanks in advance.

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