Thursday, July 1, 2010

P90-Kick Butt.

Bet you didn't know that the X in P90X actually stands for Kick butt.
Because that's what it feels like whenever I do YogaX.
It's an hour & a half that makes me feel like an inflexible failure.
Tony Horton (who looks like an amphibian) gives great little commentary & guidance throughout the whole thing. 
Stuff like:
You should be sweating like hell.
You can bend your knees, but I would prefer you didn't. 
You can pause this DVD & go get a drink of water now. We will be balancing & wait for you to come back...
You should forget what you have done today, forget what you have to do later, just think about this moment. After that, stop thinking at all.
Really, you gotta love Tony & his hairy arm pits.
Mom & I do.
During today's workout, I wore this stunning pair of basketball shorts.
I now like to refer to them as my wedgy shorts.
So grab a partner & get saluting that sun.

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