Friday, July 16, 2010

No Hair.

Someday, when I get the chance to create my own world, I have a vision.
A world in which all the inhabitants thereof would be bald.
Think about it.
How sweet would it be not to worry about doing your hair? Ever!
No shampoo. No conditioner.
No plucking. No waxing. No shaving.
No brushes. No hairsprays.
No curling irons. No flat irons. No any other kinds of irons.

Bad Hair Day? 
Oh that's right, those don't exist.

And it wouldn't be weird because everyone would be bald.
Think of all the time that would be savaged and saved.

I think my world is going to thank me.
Ashley World: You're welcome in advance.

(Here is a recent shot with Jace. It is a sneak peak  into what I would look like if I was bald...)

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