Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Own Personal Outer-darkness.

Some serve their country by joining the Army,
or realize they are one of the few, proud, brave souls that are supposed to join the Marines,
I on the other hand, build flashlights for my country's military.
Uncle Sam must be so proud of me.
Let me just say this though: 
Everyday from 8-4 I get a glimpse of what Hell must be like.
(shown here are 8 blisters I received in one sitting.)
The temperature within the DNC warehouse is a stifling 86.7 degrees F.
I can feel my "tacos" start in armpits & go down to my kneecaps.
I hate everything about this job.
Want to see what kind of flashlights we build? go here.
They look like child's play things--a sad excuse for one that is.
We build the lights from the plastic up.
Get a load of what we do, day in & day out.

And I daresay that no day would be complete without a few stalker pictures of my co-workers, hating their lives as much as I do.
If we ever take a break to watch a funny video like this the brief relief from boredom doesn't last long enough & then it's back to busting out the springs, battery bottoms & crunching the top caps.
If you ever think to yourself, "I have THE WORST job ever!" come stop by DNC Enterprises & we will show you how we put the bore into ing.
Every morning when I grumble & mumble because I have to get up I thank my lucky stars that I have less than 3 weeks left in this horrible warehouse.

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