Friday, July 2, 2010

My Favorite Main Dish with a Heaping Side of Eclipse.

So, in case you were wondering where I would like to go out to eat any given day it would without question be Cafe Rio.
This is really my all time favorite.
Kenz, Jace & I went to Cafe Rio,
You cannot go wrong with a pork salad! Each bite is a little different & a new mouth watering experience.
After filling up to the brim with food, we headed to see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
Why hello to you two gossip girls.
Too bad the upper east side is 2,000 miles away...
Gotta love spending a little quality time (eating, praying & loving) with Julia in the Eclipse line.

So in short, we all loved Jacob in Eclipse. 
Jace drooled & hyperventilated over Jacob/Taylor. She attempted to control her jealousy.
Kenz tried to keep her side of the movie theater under control, & enjoy Jacob/Taylor's abs at the same time. That my friends, is no easy feat!
I thought about how much I would like to go on a date with Taylor Launter while eating Cafe Rio.
Here's my honest opinion about the twilight series.
If I am reading the book, I like Edward.
If I am watching the movie, JACOB. Hands down.
If that makes me a fair-weathered fan, so be it.

PS Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa Palmer! 
I love you.
(Christmas 2007. Grandpa with his sweetheart.)

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  1. why no the one-eyed picture?! that was my favorite. haha