Monday, July 12, 2010

Leadership & Self-Deception

Ok, so I know what you are thinking.
"Not another self help book..."
I know that there is a somewhat negative aura regarding "self help" books.
But, I don't recommend books unless I really like them, because there are so many things pulling at us from all directions who wants to waste time on something that isn't going to benefit them in some way?
I had to read this book before my latest retreat.
Leadership & Self-Deception is not your run of the mill leadership book.
It is told in story form about a fictional company Zagrum, one of the companies executives, Bud, & a recent addition to the team, Tom.
I love this book & for what it has taught me about "the box" how we get in it, our actions that affect those around us while we are in the box, & how we can get ourselves out of it. (Even if it is a constant cycle.)
This book isn't just for those who consider themselves leaders. One of the books central themes talks about our personal relationships with the most important people in our life: our family.
Seriously, I couldn't recommend it more highly. (<---words taken from Stephen R. Covey.)
I can't stop talking about this book, & as a result I am trying to get my parents to read it, not because I think they need changing, but because I think it has valid points that even the best person could implement into their life.
Go read it. Buy it, or borrow it from the library.
I daresay you won't regret it.

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  1. This is exactly how I felt with The Hiding Place. I'll read this. You read The Hiding Place.