Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because You Had a Bad Day

A few days ago, my "twin" Heather was having a bad day.
I insisted that a cure for such a tragedy would be to have her experience my favorite summer past time: scootering down Provo Canyon.
I grabbed my soon to be 7 year old sister & we met Heather to let the fun times get rolling.
Lucky for us, this Diva brought her sweet attitude along for the ride. 
Had I ever fixed a broken chain before?
No I had not. 
I thought to myself: WWED? (What would Eldon do)
So I put on my "Father Hat" & got down to business.
(Repeat this same scenario 2 more times)
Luckily Heather was a good sport & we just laughed the whole way down as Rachel continued to give us some lip.
We were about 20 scoots away from the bottom when poor Heath realized she had left her keys in my car at the top of the canyon. 
Considering that Heather hardly makes any mistakes I was amused to find her so utterly befuddled. 
As we waited for our good friend Katie J. to come save us from having to squabble back up the path, pictures ensued.
& of course in regular Palmer style, there wasn't a bad picture out of the whole bunch.
Luckily Katie arrived & helped end these photographs from continuing to replicate.
& aren't we all grateful for that?

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