Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going to the Gate.

One warm afternoon/evening these 3 musketeers went here:
Welcome to Salt Lake's outdoor mall: The Gateway.
We skipped out on work & began our trip in high spirits.
Those spirits quickly fled our bodies when we were attacked by atrocious dry heat.
Even though my favorite out of my league store is here, 
our trip didn't last long, & all we ended up bringing home is some food leftovers.
Note to self: Don't hit up the Gateway whilst it is unbearably hot outside & you are as poor as Old Mother Hubbard.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Temple Time.

Yesterday Kenz spontaneously called me & said we should go do baptisms in the Salt Lake Temple. My Grandma had some names done, so we took those & hit the road.
It might be wrong to pick a favorite temple (if so just call me Sacrilegious Sarah), but I LOVE this temple. It's by far my favorite. I had never have the opportunity to go inside the doors & it was as beautiful inside as I imagined.
(sometimes we lack facial features)
Kenzie had specific "hopes" for going, & I just love the spirit I feel within those sacred walls.
We entered the temple & were told to go around to the flag pole & look for a button & we would be able to enter. After lots of confusion, we finally walked into a nearby corridor & found the button.
Once inside the temple, we removed our shoes, & made our way into the labyrinth of hallways. We were given two suits, & 3 (?) pairs of socks. Upon our arrival into the baptismal font to wait our turn we noticed that we needed white scrunchies. We returned & realized we needed strips of paper with our last name on them. Moments before it was our turn to perform this ordinance, we also realized we needed special little holders for the names we had brought. We bypassed the idea of leaving & entering once more.
It was an adventure to say the least.
Kenz & I completed all 14 names & were grateful for the opportunity to go to this beautiful place. I loved the peace I felt during the confirmations & the spirit of Elijah touched me.
(sweet old lady wearing what seems to be an old fashioned wedding dress?)
Upon arrival to Kenzie's home, I realized I lost these:
I can only figure I somehow left them at the temple.
If you go to the SLC Temple or stop by the lost & found at the Conference Center & find these please call: 
Thanks in advance.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

And the award goes to...

One of my great friends & bloggers I admire most gave me this award; my first & probably only ever award. Let me just admit that I am totally flattered!
The 'rules' once you receive this award are as follows:
#1: Send a warm, cyber hug to whoever awarded you with this nice honor.
#2: Flatter yourself and tell the entire world that you have been awarded, followed by seven unique things about you.
#3: Pass along this heart-warmer of an award to your favorite blogs.

#1. To the fabulous Hilary Norton: I am so glad we met & became friends while growing up. I will never forget how much fun we had on Choir Tour our junior year of high school. From discussing farking to cross-sexing we had a hilarious time. I am certain that any & all people that read her blog are amazed by her way with words, her impeccable photography skills & how completely stylish yet smart she is. Hilary is so down to earth & I really admire her so much. 

#2: The seven randoms about me are as follows:
on1e: I have watched every single episode of Little House on the Prairie I am convinced that if there was a game show that revolved around this T.V. show, I would easily walk away with a million bucks. I am also in love with Anne of Green Gables. I remember wishing I would marry a certain neighbor of mine so we could be the next Anne & Gilbert. (Trust me, this is no longer the case)
t2wo: I don't believe in dinosaurs. I plan on eventually distributing a pamphlet for my reasoning behind this one day.
thr3ee: I love reading the newspaper & watching the news everyday. When I am by myself in my car I like to listen to talk radio to keep up with current events. People (especially certain politicians) are so fascinating aren't they?
fo4ur: Potatoes are by far my favorite food & my birthday is national potato day. Coincidence? I think not!
fi5ve: I hate drinking soda & milk. No matter what I am eating or doing, water is my drink of choice. My favorite bottled water is smart water. Love that electrolyte taste.
si6x: I have a cyst that I will swear by it's ability to tell the weather. I'm just waiting for a local radio station to call & ask me to offer my uncanny services as part of their morning show.
sev7en: The older I get, the more I realize: I am a complete nerd. I love everything from reading the dictionary & thesaurus,  discussing Harry Potter, the creepy thrill I get from solving an arithematic problem, reading a good book instead of watching t.v., & learning about historical events & cultures. 

#3: The bloggers that I will pass this award to are:
Cassie Farley. I am certain that if Cassie & I went to high school together we would have been a force not to be reckoned with. We find the same things funny & I totally admire her. Her blog is hilarious & she is my definition of awesome.
& secondly I would like to give Amberly Hurst a quick shout out. Amberly & I met while we were in Chamber together my senior year. Amberly is completely genuine & her blog emulates her sweet perspective.   

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Rachel.

7 years ago today, I met the best sister I could have ever asked for.
She was the cutest 9 pound 2 ounce thing I had ever seen.
I remember I wanted to look my best when I went to the hospital to see Rachel for the first time, so naturally I slicked my hair back into a pony tail with a "lightning" part & wore my favorite yellow Old Navy T, with white Skecher slip on shoes.
Lucky for me, Rachel doesn't remember that first impression & didn't judge me for the fashion crisis I was going through.
Rachel is a wide range of emotions.
She can be our little angel princess,
or she can unleash that raging hyena within.
I think Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent us down to earth 11 years & 11 months apart. Because, quite frankly I have never met anyone more like myself. If we were closer in age, I fear we would fight a lot.
Lucky for us though, with the age gap, we usually do get along.
Rachel is so fun & I love playing with her.
She is so loving, thougtful, & the best sharer I have ever met.
I love you so much, Rachel. 
Thanks for being one of my bestest friends.
I have had so much fun playing with you this summer.
I am so glad we can be together forever.
Happy 7th Birthday!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Own Personal Outer-darkness.

Some serve their country by joining the Army,
or realize they are one of the few, proud, brave souls that are supposed to join the Marines,
I on the other hand, build flashlights for my country's military.
Uncle Sam must be so proud of me.
Let me just say this though: 
Everyday from 8-4 I get a glimpse of what Hell must be like.
(shown here are 8 blisters I received in one sitting.)
The temperature within the DNC warehouse is a stifling 86.7 degrees F.
I can feel my "tacos" start in armpits & go down to my kneecaps.
I hate everything about this job.
Want to see what kind of flashlights we build? go here.
They look like child's play things--a sad excuse for one that is.
We build the lights from the plastic up.
Get a load of what we do, day in & day out.

And I daresay that no day would be complete without a few stalker pictures of my co-workers, hating their lives as much as I do.
If we ever take a break to watch a funny video like this the brief relief from boredom doesn't last long enough & then it's back to busting out the springs, battery bottoms & crunching the top caps.
If you ever think to yourself, "I have THE WORST job ever!" come stop by DNC Enterprises & we will show you how we put the bore into ing.
Every morning when I grumble & mumble because I have to get up I thank my lucky stars that I have less than 3 weeks left in this horrible warehouse.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Feet.

There is a disturbing trend taking place in Utah County.
What is that you ask?
Look closely.
This is just 1 out of 7 people I have seen (this past week) driving around Utah County with their left foot (or half their leg) out the window while behind the wheel.
Why, people why?
It is not necessary.
Stop people. Just stop.

But can I share my newest love?
These shoes.
Originally $120 & I got them for a whole lot cheaper. I love them. I love them so much I might just marry them.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Mom,

Happy ____ Birthday! 
(my gift to you is not disclosing your age.)
You are my best friend, & the best mom I could have ever asked for. 
Words just can't describe what you mean to me.
You always know what to say & to do with me.
Whether it be grounding me when I tried to feed McKay make-up, or getting me addicted to taking pictures of any & all activities, or when you made me laugh when you discovered the word "earth" does indeed start with "E." I love you so much mom. You are the BEST.

My Mom's birthday has been no small event. 
We began the celebrations yesterday by going to see the movie:
The Sorcerer's Apprentice. 
When Hollywood's ugliest star is this film's leading man & it's plot is loosely based on a scene from the snoozer Fantasia, you know what kind of movie I thought this was.
But, I didn't complain because after I was going to get myself a free sticky finger dinner.
Tonight, dinner was an affair to remember.
Dad bbq'ed the steak, 
Mckay kneaded dough into breadsticks,
I threw a salad together & mashed some potatoes into boats, 
Wade cracked an egg to help make the toffee bars,
Rachel poured in the chocolate chips to make the toffee bars,
& Big S did this:
Of course a lovely photo session came to pass on the porch,
& Big S did some more of this...

We rounded off the night with Sparklers & Wade spent 75 cents for a firework finale.
(sometimes Spencer's enthusiasm is often marred behind blank expressions.)
Mom, I hope you have had a good couple of days celebrating your birth!

PS Hi Grandpa G. 
Ashley here. (aka better known as WORST grandaughter ever!!!)
You are probably one of my most loyal blog followers & it somehow slips my mind that it was your birthday on Thursday?!
How rude of me.
Please accept my most sincere & humble apologies.
I meant to post you a little note all to yourself, but I completely forgot.
I hope your Birthday was wonderful & that you & Gram did something fun.
Know that I love you so much & will be forever grateful for the trip we got to share just a mere month ago together.
You are one of the most kind & thoughtful people I know.
I cherish the times we get to spend together.
Love you!!