Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.

June 7th-11th.

(I will skip talking about the drive there because it went really good. That translates into very uneventful.)
On Monday June 7th we crossed the bridge & made it to our first destination:
Nauvoo, Illinois.
There was so much to learn & fun to be had in Nauvoo.
Here are some of my favorite highlights:
Family pictures in front of the temple.
This is quite possibly the cutest picture I have ever taken.
Scratch that.
This is the cutest picture I have ever seen.
Mckay, Spencer & I had the opportunity to do baptisms for family names in the Nauvoo temple.
These are just a little sampling of the huge amount of pictures that were taken as we toured the sights of Nauvoo. We had the opportunity to go to places like the Post Office to the Brick Mason to the Cooper shop. We also were able to take a tour through Carthage Jail.
The sweet Senior Missionaries who taught us brought such a special spirit into all the tours & helped us understand more about what every day life was like in the 1800's. 

These are pictures that we Nauvoo natives commonly refer to as Pioneer Pastimes:
Like the totally time-period appropriate, if not completely necessary, clothing?
Well as luck would have it, Mama Palm does too.
Look for more poses & perfectly precious pioneer attire in the 2010 edition of the Palmer Family Christmas Card.

One early (originally perceived to be fateful) morn, the Palmer/Gooch clan set out on a handcart trek in the luscious back country of Nauvoo.
As mom & I lost our shoes & other things in the goppy gooey mud, Wade did his part by looking at the wildlife & his personal favorite, Lady Bugs. He tells us they were an array of flamboyant colors. However, some of us were unable to witness such vast, beautiful creation due to the fact that we actually had to worry about pushing the handcart... 
And just is the trek is almost over, Big S decides to take one for the team & get behind the rope & pull. Even though much slack was present, we appreciate his contribution. 
Mom & Dad continually endeavor not to lead our family astray. That principle is captured here as they try to read the map so we don't get lost or end up on the wrong trail. Good work you two.
Look at Spencer's side of the rope. This is the slack I mentioned earlier.
My cute grandparents after the trek was all said & done.
Turns out we all really did love the trek.
We discovered how strong we are seeing that we were able to pull a handcart with a water bottle & pamphlet inside it for an hour & a half. Go us.
I think Big S said it best when we finished the trek. "Well that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be... Well, actually it was worse."

In short: We loved the rendezvous that was Old Nauvoo. 
I loved the spirit I constantly felt in this special place.
It made me contemplate how blessed I am, & how much the pioneers gave to each other, God, & even though they probably never thought about it, their future prosperity (me & you.) And that makes me want to pay it forward & give more of myself to others.

Next Stop: Kirtland, Ohio.

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