Monday, June 28, 2010

Record Time

Well, we have been home for 1 week & 2 days.
But the way my "room" has been looking you would hope & think that I was still out of town.
On the trip (trek), I thought it would be a wise idea to put some shampoo in my personal bag, for safe keeping or because I wanted to shower at one of the questionable rest stops. (Sorry that was a bad joke.) But as things like this go, of course the shamp exploded & therefore the rest of the trip was spent keeping all my personal items in these trash bags. I felt homeless, & as though I was being judged by not only the classy people at all the rest stops, but by my family as well every time I searched & prodded for things within them. 
Finally put this big beaut back in the laundry room after continuing to live out of it for the past week. I am too cool.
After 5 loads of laundry a few days ago & I finally decided that today I was going to take control of my own destiny & not only fold it, but hang it up in my closet.
I will put off the rest of my procrastinating projects that are on hold until tomorrow.
OH PS Thank you Grandpa & Grandma for sending my book to me that I left in your car. 
Please excuse my negligent mind. 

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