Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Pain is Felt Mutually.

It would seem there isn't just parking troubles on 1050 East.
1010 North has been having their share of strife too.
I bet Cassie is loving the fact that this car is in front of her house for 4 more days & 3 nights. 
I would bet money that she is pretty sad for a few reasons.
Reason #1: With the car in the way, the Mailman is mad at her. Therefore she may not be receiving the prompt service she has become accustomed to. If there isn't "a good" mail day this week, it is definitely a certain car's fault.
Reason #2: It just so happens that where that car is parked is Cassie, Jana, & Shell's favorite place to stretch after running their average run of the mill daily marathon. Pre & after run stretching has been moved to a new lo-cal. That blows, quite literally. 
Reason #3: She was going to park all of her cars in front of her house, give them a good washing they wouldn't soon forget, and then she could pull out her boat out of the confines of the garage, and take it for a spin on a nearby lake while Ryan is away. (accompanied by any neighbor child who would like to join in the fun...) Looks like that dream is a no-show.
Shoot Cass.
& last but not least, Reason #4: so much for getting yard of the month award, courtesy of PG city. That car shot your chances for June. But hey, there is always next month, right?

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