Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Pal that was Palmyra.

The time has come to talk about: Palmyra, New York. 

One of my favorite days of the whole trip.
What a special, special place.
I was so excited to see the Smith Family Cabin & be able to go within the Sacred Grove.
This is Alvin's house:
After we all took some "alone" time to meditate & contemplate within this truly sacred place, we of course took family pictures within the grove. I was so amazed at how quiet & serene it is once you are in there. Immediately you are able to feel the spirit & all you hear all the slight pitter, patter noise of feet some where close & the birds chirping in the trees. Such a neat place. Perhaps one of my favorite moments of the trip.

After we got back to our hotel that night, my Mom thought it would be a good idea for us to write down our thoughts & feelings we had within the grove.
This is what Rachel brings back.
A visual representation of Princess Peach & Mario getting married.
What was on the back you ask?
Luigi & Daisy also participating in the union of holy matrimony.
In short: Rachel felt & learned a lot within the Grove.
We also went to the Palmyra temple that day:
And while the adults did a session,
we ate Rock Candy.
But Back to that Sunday where we went to the Sacred Grove & such,
that day we also went to the Hill Cumorah.
We saw Coach Biggs of all people there.
Eldon talked to the Coach,
& Shelley talked to the Wife.
Long story short, we found out that the Coach's wife is my Grandpa Gooch's first cousin.
So we practically had a family reunion on the Hill Cumorah. We hugged & kissed & sang Families Can Be Together Forever by the time it was all said & done.
(I am convinced that the world is actually as big as a pin head.)
But here are some memories from the Hill C. Monument:
Is ballet necessary on the hill?
I certainly think so.
We also had the opportunity to see where the first Book of Mormon was printed.
This particular instance was Rachel's favorite part of the whole trip.
She was in the Lime light the whole time.
& we all know she loves that...
Rachel & her cute missionary kum-pan-yun.
(at least that's how our sweet sister from Samoa said it)
We loved the great town of Palmyra.

Next stop: Ni-AGA-ra Falls.

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