Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Ohios.

Bet you didn't know that "The Ohios" are one of the 4 gathering places mentioned in the scriptures.
This little trivia fact is one of the many things we learned on our tour of Kirtland, Ohio. 
Elder & Sister Thompson were so inspired in the things they told us throughout our visit. I loved learning about the history of this special place.
Inside the "School of the Prophets Room." I will never forget the spirit within there.
Feel like you didn't get to see enough of Ohio in this shorter post?
Don't fret, all is not lost.
For you see, the Palmer/Gooch family felt the exact same way! 
We will return back to this place in a few days, where we got to learn the Community of Christ's (previously known as the RLDS church) outlook on Kirtland.

Next Stop: Palmyra, New York.

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